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Weapons Of Self Destruction

We can be our own worst enemy. When we face the difficulties of life, we often get in our own way and prevent ourselves from getting out of this slump by focusing on all of the negative thoughts and actions. This series looks at the things in our lives that act as stumbling blocks from us becoming who God wants us to be. As we explore Biblical truth about these barriers, we see how through Christ we can be free to live fully leveraged for Him.

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As we wrap up this series, Pastor Sean talks about the difference between guilt and shame, where each of these originate from, and how we can be free from our shame when we truly understand how God sees us.

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We all compare ourselves constantly. Often, we compare to measure if we are okay, how to react under certain circumstances, and to see how we stack up against others. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about the dangers of comparison and how it most often hurts us more than it helps us. But what are we supposed to compare ourselves to if anything at all? Listen to this week's message and find out!

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Fear is a driving motivator for many things that we do in life from financial decisions to relationships. It causes us to believe that God is no longer in control and think that the worst case scenerio will happen to us. This week, Pastor Sean takes a look at what causes fear, how it motivates us, and what we can do to overcome it.

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Our Past

There are parts of our past that we don't like. Whether it was something we did or something done to us, we wish we could tear those pages out of our story. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about how we can take our past, no matter how broken, and allow God to do something great through us.

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