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On the heels of two superhero series, Wonder Women and Super Men, comes our Villains series. We read the stories and get inside the minds of some of the baddest people of the Bible! As we look at the events in their lives that contributed to and led to their downfalls, we see the kinds of choices God gave these villains at different points along the way. Through this series, we will come to understand how God gives us the same exact types of choices in our own lives, and what we should do about it.

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As Pastor Sean wraps up our series Villains, he takes a look at quite possibly one of the most tragic story endings in the Bible. Despite this Villain's wickedness and rebellion towards God, God still gave him multiple chances to make things right. Even when Zedekiah knew what the outcome to his poor choices would be, he still chose to make the wrong choice. In this teaching, Pastor Sean shares this man's story and gives 4 lessons that he learns from the life of Zedekiah.

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Joram’s Chief Of Staff

In today's teaching, Pastor Sean shares some of the coolest, hidden stories in the Bible on how God interacted with mankind throughout history. He shares the story of King Ben-Hadad, King Joram, and Elisha and shows the outcome of these men's decision to to obey or disobey God. But we also see in these stories how often mankind tries to limit God to our own intelligence, but in reality, God is working something much greater than we could imagine behind the scenes.

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Our Villains series kicks off with the story of one of the baddest Old Testament queens in all the land. The evil acts of the infamous Queen Jezebel have been referenced throughout popular culture, even to this day! In today's teaching, Pastor Sean takes a look at how, despite Jezebel's violent and manipulative acts, God gave her more than one chance for redemption. And we find out what there is to learn from her response to God's offer of reconciliation and how it led to her downfall, and ultimately her demise.

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