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Tough Prayers

Have you ever had a really hard time understanding something or someone? Maybe you couldn’t figure out a feature on your smartphone, understand what form you were supposed to fill out, or maybe you just didn’t understand a person’s point of view. Oftentimes, when we don’t understand or are confused by something we tend to dismiss it. For this reason, many of us have dismissed prayer or at least allowed our prayer lives to dwindle. But prayer is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to us, we just need to work to understand it. In this series, we will be examining what prayer is, how we can best use it, and look at several prayers from the Bible that are really tough for us to pray.

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Praying All The Time

When we think of praying, sometimes it can feel a bit intimidating or awkward. Sometimes, we don't know what really to say or maybe we feel like we are not "spiritual" enough to talk to God. As a result, our prayers often end up sounding like "thank you, thank you" or "I'm sorry, I'm sorry", or maybe even "help me, help me". But as our series Tough Prayers come to a close, Pastor Sean talks about how prayer is nothing more than a simple conversation and that it is something necessary for followers of Jesus to do. He walks through a prayer that Jesus gave as an example of how to pray and shows how we can make it our own.

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Send Me

There are prayer that are easy and prayers that are hard. It's easy to pray for God to help someone we love or to ask for something that we want. But then, there are prayers that are hard to pray because we know that God just might answer them. In today's message, Pastor Sean talks about a prayer that could change your life, but the reason many won't pray it is because it would change their life, maybe too much. This prayer could require you to change the total direction you thought your life was taking and instead, make a drastic change in order to fulfill what God has planned for you.

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Break Me

None of us like or want to be broken. In our lives, brokenness is associated with pain, discomfort, and suffering. In fact, we work really hard in our lives so that we don't have to be broken. We stay away from what could break us and we pursue things in life to fill the areas where we are already broken. So why in the world would we WANT to ask God to break us? In this week's teaching, Pastor Sean talks about how despite giving God our lives, for many of us, there are still corners of our heart that we try to hide from God and not give Him access to. And in order to let God have those dark, hidden corners, we must be broken so that God can build us back up.

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Search Me

For many of us, prayer ends up being our last resort. Maybe we don't intend it to be that way, but the only time we seem to remember is when isn't going the way we hoped. Others of us try to utilize prayer as if God was a genie in a bottle, ready to provide whatever we wish. When we find ourselves praying these types of prayers more often then not, it's a sign that our hearts are not in tune with God. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about a prayer that we can pray to help our hearts get tuned back to God. The only hard part is that this prayer creates a vulnerability that we often work hard to avoid. In the end, it truly is a tough prayer.

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What Is Prayer

Have you ever prayed a prayer, but you feel like God either didn't hear it or ignored it? Maybe you've been praying for a long time, but nothing has changed. When we feel like our prayers aren't answered it's tough for us to keep praying. In this week's message, Pastor Stephen talks about what prayer is, and why God doesn't always "answer" our prayers. When we begin to understand the purpose of prayer and why God has given us this gift, it can not only change our circumstances, but also our hearts.

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