We spend a lot of time thinking about our lives here in the here and now. Working to reach our next goal, trying to make more money, and gain more happiness. But we often spend very little time thinking about how the lives we are living right now will make a difference after we are gone. While none of is like to think about the end of our lives, none of us want to get there and look back with regrets. What we build our lives around and on makes a difference not only in where we spend the next life but with what and who we will spend it with. In the last week of our series, we look at what the Bible says the foundation of our lives should be and the lessons we can learn to help us leverage the life we have now in preparation for the one to come.



Matthew 7:24


1 Corinthians 3:10-15


If you’ve turned from your sin to follow Jesus, you have the foundation. But you must be careful with how you build.


On the Judgement Day, fire will show the value of the work of your life.


For those who have turned from sin and asked God to rescue them, WHERE they spend eternity will be the same but WHAT they spend eternity with is completely unique to the choices you make today.


Every single day, we are laying bricks and choosing to build towards our present or towards our future life.


Because of this truth, there is a tangible benefit of managing your money, assets, opportunities, and relationships God’s way.


The Problem: We Are Distracted


1 John 2:15-17


You will love things or your will love God, but not both.


“If materialism is the disease, generosity is the antidote.”


Galatians 5:16-17


Inside each child of God are two inclinations – the love of self vs the Spirit of God.


Mark 8:34-37