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The Leveraged Life

None of the biggest heroes in the Bible ended up with incredible stories because they chose to sit on the couch. Nor did they always appear to be the most qualified for the job. In this series, Pastor Sean takes a closer look at their stories to identify the different types of people God called to accomplish great things. He also looks at how they responded to God’s call for their lives, and shows, based on their stories, what you can do to start leveraging your lives to produce the most good too.

Leveraging Your Passion

So far in the Leveraged Life series, we have explored the type of person God uses and how changing our priorities can be one of the most effective steps in becoming that type of person. In this message, Pastor Ken explains how a simple emotion such as passion can also be another extremely effective asset that aids us in being the type of person God uses to do extraordinary things. He use Moses from the Bible to give us specific examples of what it looks like when we leverage our passions for the glory of God.

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God As First Priority

Now that we have explored the type of person God uses, it is time to look at the next step the average person must take to become the type of person God uses to do extraordinary things. This step has to do with setting our priorities straight. Specifically, with establishing God as the first priority. In this message, Pastor Sean shows us tangible ways we can handle the resources we have been blessed with in our lives so as to reflect the fact that our priority is God before anything else.

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Who God Uses

We all love stories of super heroes. We marvel at their special powers or their advantages. And oftentimes, when we read about famous people in the Bible, we view them in the exact same way we view superheroes. We assume they have some kind of unspoken power or advantage that we do not have, and we think that is the reason God chooses to use them to do incredible things in the Bible. In the first week of the Leveraged Life series, Pastor Sean clears up some of these misconceptions we have about the type of person God seeks out when He wants to do extraordinary things.

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