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The Hour Has Come

There are certain times in our lives where we reach a pinnacle. Everything before this moment has been leading up to this moment and after this moment, nothing will be the same. The tension has been building. All the preparation is in the past. The butterflies are in your stomach. The time is now! This is where this series looks at the life of Jesus. Everything has been leading up to the pinnacle of His life, where He would choose to suffer and die so that we won’t have to. But before this moment, he takes a pause. He prays. During this series we will look at the three things that Jesus chooses to pray for. First, he prayers for himself. Second, he prays for His disciples. And last but not least, He prays for every single person that would choose to believe in Him. He prayed for you.

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Jesus’ Prayer For Us

As we bring this series to a close, Pastor Sean looks at the final aspect of Jesus' prayer right before He was arrested and sent off to be tortured and killed. To conclude His prayer, Jesus prayed for us. For you, for me. For everyone who would believe in Him because of the accounts of His disciples. If you are a follower of Jesus, Jesus rescued you for a purpose, but He knew that you would face dealing with sin and other distractions that would keep you from fulfilling this purpose. Find out what this purpose is and how Jesus prayed for you to keep focused!!

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Jesus’ Prayer For His Disciples

Do you ever feel like your weaknesses prevent you from following Jesus? Like no mater how hard you try, you seem to fail over and over again? In week two, Pastor James Roberson from the Bridge Church in Brooklyn looks at the second part of Jesus' prayer where he prays for His disciples. In this prayer, Jesus recognizes the weaknesses of His disciples and prays not for them to have strength, Instead, He asks God to protect them and to deliver them from the weaknesses that they struggle with. Pastor Roberson shows through this text that even in our weaknesses, God is the one who protects us and sustains us.

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Jesus’ Prayer For Himself

We all know the Lord's Prayer. We call it the "Our Father". This is the sample prayer that Jesus gave to His followers as a model for how we should pray. But as Pastor Sean begins this series, he takes a look at the actual prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17 before the pinnacle of His life came. Instead of praying for strength or endurance, He asked God to bring Him glory. He wanted the gravity of what He was going through to impress upon people so that they would understand the importance of their relationship with God.

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