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The Game Of Life

If you’ve ever played The Game Of Life, you know that in order for you to win, you need a good career, lots of money, and a bit of good luck. Our culture today tells us that these same thing are important if we are going to have a successful life. But in the pursuit of success, we see people become barriers rather than assets in our lives. If someone gets in the way of our career advancing or our bank account increasing, we see that as a disadvantage to us achieving success. In this series, we¬†explore what the Bible has to say about the different relationships in our lives and how we can really win in this game of life.

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* This message was recorded online via Facebook Live during the Nor'easter storm in March 2018 as our building was without power. Money. You can never seem to have enough of it. You spend the majority of your time during the week working hard to get it, but no matter how many hours you work, or how much you get paid, it never seems to be quite enough. Why are we so consumed with getting something that never seems to last? Why do we choose to trust God with our prayers, our health, our family, our jobs, but never our money. When it comes to God and our money we get rather uncomfortable. In the last week of this series, Pastor Sean shows why our money is so important to God and why we have such a hard time when it comes to this subject. It's not that God needs our money or wants it, He's after something else.

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Work As Worship

Our culture dreads work. We're fed the philosophy that we're all "working for the weekend."We've adopted phrasing like the "Monday Blues", "Hump Day", and TGIF. It's the thing we spend the most time doing and the least time enjoying. But what if what you do for a living matters more than you think? What if you are simply looking at it wrong? In the fourth week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about what God has to say about our work and how one little mindset shift, can totally change how we think, enjoy, and approach our work. 

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Walking Slowly

How often do you feel completely present? Not distracted or preoccupied by your schedule, your agenda, or your phone? If you're like most people, you probably feel like you can barely keep up with all you have going on in life, let alone have time to slow down a bit. In today's teaching, Pastor Stephen talks about how when we get too busy, we often see the relationships in ouras valuable only to the degree that they benefit us and our agenda. And when we choose to now be present, we limit the influence and the impact that we can have in those relationships. So what can we do to change the pace in our lives?

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All of us want our kids to grow up and be successful. We want them to have good grades, to be a starter on the team, to get accepted into a good college, and to land a good paying job. But the things our culture tells us we need to do in order to help our kids be successful is very different from where the Bible says our focus on our kids should be. We spend a lot of time trying to make sure our kids get ahead in this world, but what are we doing to make a difference in their lives for eternity? In week two of this message, Pastor Sean shares how we all, whether we have kids or not, can shape our priorities and our influence over the kids God has put in our lives in order to help them be successful in the things that really matter.

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Dating And Marriage

We all want to life a successful full life, but what if we are chasing the wrong things? What if the things we are chasing actually distract us from the things that really do matter? If God has created us and given us this life, wouldn't He know the best way for us to get the most out of this life? But when we live as if we have no boundaries we ruin our chances of living the successful, meaningful life that God has given. In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean shows what the Bible has to say about our singleness, our dating relationships, and our marriage and how we can leverage each of them to live the life God has intended for us.

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