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The Art Of Neighboring

Jesus said the greatest commandment is to love God with all of our heart, soul, and mind and the second is to love our neighbors as ourself. This series takes a look at who exactly is our neighbor and what it look like to love them as ourselves.

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Everyone Can Pray

As Pastor Sean wraps up this series on the Art of Neighboring, he talks about the importance of prayer and how prayer makes "coincidences" happen. He also talks about 3 simple steps that anyone can begin doing to show Jesus' love towards a neighbor.

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You Can’t Give What You Don’t Have

Pastor Sean talks about the difference between knowing of Jesus and knowing Him personally. You can't give hope to your neighbor if you yourself don't personally have this hope.

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Dealing With The Fear

One of our biggest barriers to being a good neighbor is our own fear. In the third week of this series, Pastor Chris Causey from Encounter Church in Dedham talks about how to deal with this fear, and in doing so, experience some of the greatest things God has planned for you.

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If I Had More Time

We all have busy lives. Our schedules, however, shouldn't keep us from being able to love our neighbors the way we should. In the second teaching of the series, Pastor Sean tells us how we can keep this from happening.

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Who Is My Neighbor?

What if the command to "love your neighbor" isn't just a metaphor. What if it really means to love your next-door neighbor? Find out in this week's message as Pastor Sean kicks off a new series.

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