We’re pretty selfish people. Even when we do good, our motivation is often how good we will look or what we might get in return. And even when we do try to help with good intentions, we can still get burned. So do we look out for ourselves or risk being the sucker who helped? Jesus had a better way to look at it.



In this “one another” series, we’re looking at three of the most important instructions God gave the church – and it has nothing to do with the format of what we think of when we think of church.


  • Love one another (like Jesus loved us)
  • Be devoted to one another (when we gather, when we fellowship, when we pray)
  • Serve One Another


If we’re honest, serving others is something we do with leftover time (if we have any)


[Luke 22:25-27]

“Jesus told them, ‘In this world the kings and great men lord it over their people, yet they are called friends of the people. But among you it will be different. Those who are the greatest among you should take the lowest rank, and the leader should be like a servant. Who is more important, the one who sits at the table or the one who serves? The one who sits at the table, of course. But not here! For I am among you as one who serves.”


“In the kingdom of God, in the Church, the greatest person ISN’T the one who sits at the table, it’s the person who SETS the table, who CLEARS the table.”



[Matthew 16:24]

“If any of you wants to be my follower, you must turn from your selfish ways…”


“Until you experience the transforming power of God’s grace in your life, you’re too enslaved by your own hurts, habits, and hang-ups to think much about others.” ~Rick Warren



[John 13:3-5]

“Jesus knew that the Father had given him authority over everything and that he had come from God and would return to God. So he got up from the table, took off his robe, wrapped a towel around his waist, and poured water into a basin. Then he began to wash the disciples feet, drying them with the towel he had around him.”


What would you do if ALL AUTHORITY was given to you?

What did Jesus do with ALL AUTHORITY? He used it to serve



[Philippians 2:3-8]

“Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. 4 Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too. You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had. Though he was God, he did not think of equality with God as something to cling to.  Instead, he gave up his divine privileges; he took the humble position of a slave and was born as a human being. When he appeared in human form, 8 he humbled himself in obedience to God and died a criminal’s death on a cross.”



We are called to serve IN the church and AS the church


Note: God has a different set of expectations for his kids then he does for those who are not his kids, yet.


You are called to serve IN your Church



[1 Corinthians 12:4-6]

“There are different kinds of spiritual gifts, but the same Spirit is the source of them all. There are different kinds of service, but we serve the same Lord. God works in different ways, but it is the same God who does the work in all of us. A spiritual gift is given to each of us so we can help each other.”

“12 The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ. 13 Some of us are Jews, some are Gentiles, some are slaves, and some are free. But we have all been baptized into one body by one Spirit, and we all share the same Spirit. But our bodies have many parts, and God has put each part just where he wants it.25 This makes for harmony among the members, so that all the members care for each other. 26 If one part suffers, all the parts suffer with it, and if one part is honored, all the parts are glad. 27 All of you together are Christ’s body, and each of you is a part of it.”



[Galatians 5:13]

“For you have been called to live in freedom, my brothers and sisters. But don’t use your freedom to satisfy your sinful nature. Instead, use your freedom to serve one another in love.”



You are called to serve AS your Church



[Matthew 25:34-40, 44-46]

Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. 35 For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home. 36 I was naked, and you gave me clothing. I was sick, and you cared for me. I was in prison, and you visited me.’ 37 “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? 38 Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing? 39 When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’ 40 “And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’”

“Then they will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry or thirsty or a stranger or naked or sick or in prison, and not help you?’ 45 “And he will answer, ‘I tell you the truth, when you refused to help the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were refusing to help me.’ 46 “And they will go away into eternal punishment, but the righteous will go into eternal life.””


According to a 2017 study in Psychology Today, everyone goes through a cost-benefit analysis in their head when contemplating assisting others (financially or otherwise). If the emotional, physical, or financial cost is too high they withdraw their assistance. And when they “are not personally accountable for offering help, they will be less inclined to exhibit adaptive helping behavior.”

  • Jesus said he’ll guarantee your ROI


[Matthew 6:19-21]

“Don’t store up treasures here on earth, where moths eat them and rust destroys them, and where thieves break in and steal. 20 Store your treasures in heaven, where moths and rust cannot destroy, and thieves do not break in and steal. 21 Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will be also.”



Application Questions

1. What stood out to you from this message and why?

2. What is one thing God is telling you to START doing because of this message?

3. What is one thing God is telling you to STOP doing because of this message?

4. How will this message change how you act at home, work and in the your relationships?