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Whether it’s shopping, traveling, making food, or hosting family, there have been plenty of things to make us stressed this Christmas season. Unfortunately, stressors like these have buried the purpose of the holiday. But even in the height of this busy season, it is possible to find peace and focus. This series offers practical ways you can reframe your focus on the things that are truly important this Christmas.

Everlasting Father

For many, the Christmas season evokes feelings of joy, thoughts of bright, twinkling lights, apple cider and family. For others, it only brings back painful memories of families strife or abandonment. In this message, Pastor Sean explores what the Christmas story shows about the fatherly role God plays in our lives and what he had to go through in order for that type of relationship to be established with us.

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Mighty God

This message explores the unhealthy ways many of us cope with situations in which we did not get our way. When one questions God's power, it is easy to begin placing hope and trust in money, stuff, commitments, and distractions. Pastor Ken explains how this affects our relationship with God over time. He also explores what we can do to place Jesus back at the center of our lives and learn to trust in His power in our daily lives.

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Wonderful Counselor

In this message, Pastor Sean takes a closer look at the culture and history of the society into which the Messiah (Jesus) was born. He shows how these factors contributed to a false sense of what the Messiah would be like. It was this false sense that ultimately led many to reject Jesus, in the same way it cause many to do the same today. However, Pastor Sean explains how the true identity of Jesus is even more powerful and redemptive than many expect.

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