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Straight Talk

In this series, we will take a look at the tough stuff that Jesus said.

Count The Cost

Imagine getting a full scholarship to an Ivy League school. It sounds ideal. No debt. No strings attached. Look a little deeper, though, and it becomes clear that everything has a cost, even if the price was free. Though Jesus isn’t charging anyone’s credit card in exchange for His offer of freedom from sin, Pastor Sean explains how being a follower of Christ does still cost something from each follower, and explains exactly what it is.

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You Lack One Thing

Have you thought about going “all in” and following Jesus but haven’t quite been able to convince yourself to take that next step? Maybe you can’t seem to quite place your finger on why that is, just yet? In this message, Pastor Ken shares the story of a rich, young man in the Bible who also could not get himself to move forward and follow Jesus. He looks at what one thing ultimately ended up holding the young man back, and shows how you can find out what that thing is in your life, as well.

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You Must Be Born Again

In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean looks at the parable of the sower and shows that there is a difference between hearing and listening. He also unpacks a tough statement Jesus makes in this story.

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Hear But Not Listen

Pastor Sean introduces the Straight Talk series by looking at the parable of a man who attempted to plant crop seeds in a variety of different places. Some seeds grew, some did not. In this message, Pastor Sean shows the connection between the way different seeds can grow (or not) and how different people can either grow in their relationship with God or stagnate. Essentially, it comes down to knowing the difference between hearing what someone says and listening to what someone says. Watch to learn what the differences are.

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