One of the best parts of Superhero movies is the tension that goes on between the hero and the villain. The intense struggle between good and evil and who will prevail. In some movies like Spiderman 3, we see that the struggle for good and evil sometimes exists within the same person. And isn’t that true in our lives? God has given us all gifts and abilities, but the choice is ours as to what we use them for- to help ourselves or to honor God with them. In this week’s message, Pastor Stephen looks at the story of David and how God had gifted him to do great things even though he was only a shepherd boy. But as we see David get more power and influence, the struggle begins to arise as to whose interests he will use it for.



Superhero movies lead us to believe that we need to do great things to be special. But that’s the opposite of the Gospel. If you are a follower of Jesus, you are already special. You don’t have to do great things to be special. instead, you should do great things because something special was already done on your behalf.


David is an insignificant shepherd boy; the least likely candidate for King. Like most Superhero movies.


Goliath: 9 feet tall, armor weighed 125 lbs. He was a Champion of War.


1 Samuel 17:32-37


David was doing all of this for God’s glory, not his own.”


1 Samuel 17:48-51


David realized that he had so much more potential than what the world saw in him, because god had empowered him. His strength was from God, who elevated his abilities. He was so reliant on God that he never questioned his own strength. Because it was never about him. It was always about God. 


1 Samuel 8:6


And David eventually becomes King over God’s people. Goliath was the undefeated one. But now David was undefeated. David is given this tremendous power and influence. When he had nothing, he was able to do great things with god. But now that he has everything, imagine what he can do!


But, everything can either be used for good or for evil. Or according to the Bible, it can be used for Godly gain or selfish gain.


2 Samuel 11:2-5


With all that God was giving him, he was wasting it to chase his own hormones. But David knew he was the most powerful person in the nation. The law didn’t apply to him because he was more powerful than the law. He was like the superhero that makes their own laws.


David realized it was either Bathsheeba get killed for being guilty or Uriah for being innocent.


2 Samuel 11:14-17


“Everything God has given us can be a tool or an idol.”


With everything God has given you-your gifts, your job, your platform or influence, your power, your responsibilities-you have the daily decision of choosing to do good for God or to chase after your own selfish desires.




“What are you using as an idol for your own glory instead of a tool for God’s glory?”


By the way, the opposite of good isn’t always evil. Sometimes it’s being neutral. If Satan can’t get you to do evil, he’ll try to tempt you to do the next best thing. Nothing. Stay on the sidelines. Keep your head down and keep moving forward.