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In the Gospel of John, Jesus reveals himself not just as the divine God, but as the rescuer of mankind. This sermon series explores the great lengths Jesus goes to, including breaking social and cultural barriers, to reveal mankind’s deepest need for meaning and healing and the reality that he is the only one who can meet those needs. This series also discusses the impact being rescued by Jesus can have on not just the person being rescued, but on all the people around that person too.

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Mary Anoints Jesus

Human nature tells us to protect and take care of ourselves. While we might be generous to others and lend a helping hand, it is against our nature to give up our security for someone else. Pastor Sean talks about the story of Mary anointing Jesus' feet, and how this was much more than just a selfless act. Mary chose to lay down everything valuable to her in order to follow and love Jesus. What do you need to let go of in order to follow Jesus more closely?

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Lazarus Raised

There is a side of Jesus not often talked about: his humanity. In this message, Pastor Sean shares a story from the book of John in which Jesus experiences the very raw and human emotion of grief. This comes at the news of his close friend’s death. Still, Jesus doesn’t allow his grief to keep him from using the tragedy for good. Watch this video to find out how Jesus’s friend’s death ultimately played a role in transforming more people’s lives than his friend could ever have imagined in his life.

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The Unmistakeable Claims

In the book of John, the writer's focus is to convince the reader than Jesus really is the Son of God. But the evidence given leaves you with two simple choices-either you choose to believe or you must reject it. In this week's message, Pastor Ken shares two emphatic claims of Jesus that demand a response and give you the decision on who Jesus will be to you.

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Man Born Blind

Why do bad things happen to good people? This is a question all of us will ask at one point in life if we have not already. When bad things come into our lives we wonder where God is and how He could possibly let this happen to us if He is good! This week, Pastor Sean reads the story of a man who was born blind and shows how this story reveals why God allows bad things to happen and proves that our situation, no matter how bad, is not hopeless.

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Woman In Adultery

As Pastor Sean continues this series through the book of John, he shares the story of the woman who was caught in adultery. As her sin is brought to light, she must have felt the weight of shame and embarrassment, but instead of giving her what she deserved, Jesus called her and her accusers to turn away from their sin. The same is true today. We all have little corners of our heart where we allow sin and shame to control us because we are afraid of the pain of those things coming to light. But Jesus calls His followers to let go of the things that once defined them, repent, and allow the freedom and light of Christ to reign in their hearts.

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Feeding of the 5000 and All Humanity

Often, we limit in our minds what God can and can't do. If we think it is a hopeless situation or don't see results, we give up. We treat God like a Genie and as long as we get our 3 wishes, we'll continue to be religious. In today's message, Pastor Sean shares a story from the book of John where Jesus confronted this type of behavior and made it very clear what it looks like to follow Him.

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The Official And The Outcast

In the life of Jesus, we often see Him pointing people to what they really need instead of giving them what they want. We often want God to give us what we want, but instead we should be wanting God to give us what we need most, even if it's not what we want. This week, Pastor Sean shares a story of two men found in the book of John who are faced with the decision on whether or not they will trust God, even if the outcome doesn't appear how they thought it would.

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The Reveal

During Jesus' time on Earth, He was focused on created bridges between mankind and God, even if that meant crossing over cultural, social, economic, religious, and even racial barriers. In this week's message, we find Jesus breaking multiple social and cultural norms in order to give the most unlikely person a message of hope, to reveal that He is Messiah, and to demonstrate how even the most broken are not too far gone to be rescued.

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