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Coming up with a resolution each new year is a longstanding tradition. Some people decide to start a new habit, while others aim to quit an old one. Usually, the goal is to make one’s life better though, right? This sermon series takes resolution making up an even higher notch, to a whole different level. The focus of this series is to discover what would happen if people shifted their sights from making life better for themselves, to making a difference in the world.

Re-solution Week 4

Some people appear born with specific passions they just can’t shake. Others develop passions as they discover new areas of interest. But what if you can’t quite put a finger on what it is that really makes you passionate? In this message, Pastor Sean lays out what to do if you don’t quite know yet what sets your heart on fire.

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Re-solution Week 3

Have a passion but feel hesitant to act on it? You’re not alone. Many Christians know what they’re passionate about but aren’t sure if they’re supposed to pursue it. Many end up waiting around for a big sign from God that they should move forward. In this message, Pastor Ken explains how you can know whether or not God wants you to act on your passion, even if he doesn’t audibly tell you. He also shares the ways you can begin starting to make a difference in the world today.

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Re-solution Week 2

Every road worth traveling will likely have a barrier. In this message, Pastor Sean shares the kind of barriers you can expect to face and what you can expect to lose if you choose to get take action and begin making a difference in this world. He also shows you what kind of assurance from God you can have, to help keep you forging forward on the quest to make a difference.

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Re-solution Week 1

Trying to come up with items for your New Years Resolution list? Maybe you are just hoping you will finally be able to accomplish one of last year’s resolutions. In this first message of the Re:solution series, Pastor Sean proposes there is a better way to go about forming New Years Resolutions: by asking the question, “what makes my heart break?” In answering this question, Pastor Sean shows how you can formulate a plan for your new year that will make a more impactful difference in the world.

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