We all have a set of priorities in our lives. Our priorities are the things that will determine how we think and what decisions in our lives we will make. In fact, we center our lives around our priorities. But when our priorities are misaligned, we are in danger of missing out on the blessed life that God wants us to live. In the third week of our series, Pastor Sean shows how Abraham allowed God to be the first priority in his life and as a result was able to be blessed and used by God. But in order for us to allow God to have priority over our wants and plans, we must choose whether or not we trust that God’s plan for us is better than ours.



Every one of us has this in common – We want a good life.

But the blessed life is not talking about the American dream. You can have money, fame, power, and still be a miserable rotten person.

The Blessed Life is where your God-given gifts, personality, abilities, experiences meet up with God’s intentions for you.


No one better pictures that than Abraham.

This series is not just about what God wants to do through you, but what he wants to do in you first.


The truth is that this is a process. We need reminders.

Abraham was consistently faced with options that forced him to prioritize his life – not between right/wrong but God/self.


Genesis 13:1-9

Abram chooses a path of deference.

  • First thing he does is call on the Lord
  • Then he gives deference to his nephew.
  • This was unheard of in patriarchal societies
  • War, or subjugation is the likeliest option.
  • Can you imagine your big brother giving you the best piece?

Genesis 13:10-17

Two set of priorities in this passage, neither bad, but only one led to a Blessed Life. Abram to prosperity, Lot to destruction.


Lot prioritized the quickest path to wealth.

  • Which land gives me quickest ROI
  • Doesn’t seek god, doesn’t even ask.
  • Placed himself close to Sodom

Lot prioritized interest over generosity. 

  • Lot’s heart is in the opposite place of Abram’s.
  • He’s thinking about the prosperity of one person, himself.

Abram prioritized God first

  • First thought was what God wanted him for him.
  • His confidence that God had his back (trust) gave him the ability to prioritize differently then Lot.
  • In ch 14, he risks everything to rescue Lot.
  • Meets Melchizedek, the priest of God, and gives 10%

Abram prioritized generosity over interest. 

  • Abram sought the worship of God’s direction, demonstrated his gratitude to the Lord through the priest and rescue of Lot.
  • Abram, understand biblical principle in 2 Corinthians 9:10-11

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

Physiological (food, water), safety (shelter, stability), social (friends and family), esteem (respect, achievement), self-actualization (fullest potential and contribution to world). Jesus said we build (with/without foundation) Matthew 7:24-27


  • We want and need the same things, we just go about them differently.


Which man best pictures your priorities?

Lot – what best benefits me, how do I get more

Abram – what demonstrates my trust in God, how do I give more?



We choose bad rhythms to faith/family, if we make more money.

We chase scholarships/fame and faith always takes a back seat

We don’t trust God to bring us to a preferred destination.

We sacrifice Blessed Life for a distracted/busy/temporary one.