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Not Your Average

Nobody wants to be just average. We all aspire to live above average lives. Whether it’s in sports, at school, as a parent, a spouse, or a neighbor, we all have the desire to be remembered well when we die. But too often, we coast through life and lean towards making the same easy decisions everyone else makes. And as a result, we end up with average. And average sucks. Nobody wants to have an average marriage, ¬†an average career, and average relationship with their kids or their friends. So what does it take to live above average? This series will look at different aspects of your life and how you can make the choice to live above average.

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Not Your Average Influence

You can probably think of someone pretty quickly who had a big influence on your life. Maybe they sacrificed time to pour into you when you needed it most. Or maybe they were someone you could always count on to be trusted. What if God wanted you to influence someone else in the same way you have been influenced? But like most other things, this won't happen accidentally. This week, Pastor Sean gives 3 world views that will sabotage your ability to be an influence and why they exist. And then shows how we can choose to overlook the problems and see the person to be influenced.

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Not Your Average Conflict

You don't need to live for very long before you begin to face conflict. Even young children begin to face conflict at home, school, or with their friends. But as we get older our conflicts tend to get more complex and complicated. Conflict can lead to damaged friendships, broken marriages, and tense working environments. But just because we face conflict doesn't mean we have to deal with conflict in average ways. In today's message Pastor Sean unpacks the issue of conflict in our lives and helps us to see what the Bible says about handling conflict in above average ways.

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Not Your Average Commitment

Having good relationships whether you are single, dating, or married are possible, it's just that they don't come naturally. Most of our relationships are contractual. Meaning as long as you do your part, I'll do mine. But once we let someone down or someone hurts us we tend to end our commitment to that relationship. But that's not how God's relationships with us is. God has modeled a covenant relationship with us where He has promised that He will never fail you or abandon you! When we incorporate this type of covenant into our relationships and marriages, it can drastically make them better. Pastor Sean shares what a covenant relationship in marriage looks like and gives us 5 commitments God makes to us that we can apply to our marriages in order to make them above average.

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Not Your Average Love

We all want healthy, above-average relationships. Nobody hopes that their marriage will fall apart, that their kids will stop talking to them, or that their friends will ditch them. Honestly, we don't even want our acquaintances to think too bad of us. This week, pastor Ken talks about how to have not your average love. Average love carries conditions, but not your average love works to be unconditional. Pastor Ken describes 3 aspects of God's love and give 4 practical ways you can begin loving others better this week.

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