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Next Steps

Following Jesus is a lot more like a journey than an individual event. While there is a moment when you choose to turn from your sin, and choose to place your faith, hope, and confidence in Jesus, the growing process in your faith can be a pretty windy road as you learn and grow. But instead of getting caught up and overwhelmed in everything we should change and everything we want to do different, it’s important to think of our growth as next steps. God has given everyone a next step. It might be to have that moment where you choose to turn from sin and recognize you can’t be good enough to meet God’s standard and place your trust and hope in what Jesus did for you. Or maybe you’ve already done that but now what? For others, you may have been following Jesus for many years and really aren’t sure what your next step needs to be. In this series, we will look at some of the next steps that important for followers of Jesus to take and why they are so important to your faith journey.

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Right now, people are more connected than they ever have been before. Between texting, video calls, and social media, technology has closed the distance gap in our world and we have greater access to relationships than at any other point. Yet, research points to our generations still feeling increasingly disconnected and isolated from true friendships and relationships. Despite our differences in personalities, God has created us all to be in community. To have deep relationships with others. To know others and be known by them. This week, Pastor Ken talks about why living in community is such an important step to take as we grow in our faith and grow closer to God.

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Sometimes we can be around something so much that it starts to lose its meaning a little bit. This can happen in just about any area of life including at church. When we hear the same thing and are around the same environment, sometimes we forget the gravity of that thing. Pastor Sean start off this new series talking about one of the very first "next steps" that a follower of Jesus has once they decide to turn from sin and turn to God. That step is baptism. It's like wearing a wedding ring. You are publicly showing an inward commitment that you've made. In this teaching, you'll learn more about where baptism came from, why it matters, why we do it the way we do it, and whose next step is baptism.

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