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Meet Jesus

The Gospel of John was written to demonstrate that Jesus was more than just a man. Matthew, Mark and Luke are a biography of the life of Jesus while John is an apologetic for the divinity of Jesus. He records eight of Jesus’ miracles, none of his parables and more of the interpersonal conversations in the last week of his life than the other Gospel accounts. If you are unsure about who you believe Jesus to be, then this series is for you. The Gospel of John is written by the disciple who outlived the rest. It’s his invitation for you to come and Meet Jesus.

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New Birth

Have you ever wondered why there are so many religions and why there are so many rules? Religion has been man's attempt to earn God's love. But in this week of Meet Jesus, Pastor Ken reads about a man who was VERY religious, but regardless of his actions, Jesus told him that he was still missing God. Find out why!

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New Wine

Many times we would prefer to maintain an external relationship with God because it's much easier to manage. However, God never has been concerned with how we look on the outside. His focus has always been focused on our hearts. As we continue this series, Pastor Sean teaches through the story of Jesus turning water into wine and shows how Jesus performed the miracle not because his mother asked Him to, but because He wanted to reveal His purpose for coming.

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The Draft

It's easy to disqualify ourselves from being used by God because's me. We tend to think that the job of reaching and telling others about Jesus is reserved for those who are super spiritual or those who hold a religious occupation. But as Pastor Sean continues this series, we see that his "Draft" of disciples are anything but perfect. In fact, Jesus' picks go to show that He wants to use anybody, regardless of their past....and that includes you.

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First Things First

There is information that we learn that moves us to trust or distrust someone. As we begin this new series in the book of John, the writer John starts his book off by working to convince the unconvinced that Jesus is in fact God. In this first teaching, we learn that John starts his narrative the same way Moses started the Torah. And for the same reason - to demonstrate that God is the source and sustainer of life and that He intends to get rid of the darkness in our lives. If He isn't God, there is no compelling reason to follow him any more than any other good or religious person. But if He is God, then He is worth rearranging our entire lives around.

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