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Long Story, Short

Has someone ever told you a story that was just way too long? A story so long packed with so many details that you kind of want them to just cut to the chase and get to the point so you can move on? If not, then you’re probably the person who tells way too long of a story. Many people look at the Bible as a book full of rules and rituals and a guide for religion. But the Bible is actually written as a story. A story that is not about us, but a story that we play a part in. In this series, we’ll be looking at key moments throughout the story in the Bible to help us see the story that God is writing throughout history and wants to write through our lives.

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What is the first thing you think of when you hear the word "Church"? If you're like most people, you probably thought of a building that had religious services in it. Maybe you thought of the place where you got confirmed or had your first communion. Maybe stain glass windows and a steeple came to mind. In this last week of our series Long Story Short, Pastor Sean talks about how the church isn't a location or a building. The first church was defined by the people. And how God had a specific purpose for the church (people) to accomplish through meeting and gathering together. And it wasn't to have a cozy religious service. It was all about helping people who felt most distant from God find there way back to Him. 

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Have you ever felt that because of the things you've done there was no way you could talk to God? Maybe you thought He was too angry to listen to you, or maybe you're own shame and guilt kept you from even trying. In our series Long Story Short, we've seen God create a perfect world and environment for mankind to live in, but we've also seen mankind decide to try their own way in an attempt to get something better than God provided. In during away from the Creator of all good they found all that was bad. But God promised not to leave them that way. In this week's message, Pastor Sean shows how Jesus came to do for us what the old rules couldn't. He didn't come to just forgive us when we do wrong, but to make us innocent before God once again

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Have you ever heard the expression that rules are meant to be broken? It seems that wherever there are rules, they will be broken shortly thereafter. Many of us think of the Bible has being a religious book that's full of rules that God wants us to keep, but that's not at all what God intended the rules for. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about the rules that God gave mankind after Creation was for them to understand what holiness looked like and to show them that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't keep all the rules. But instead of leaving them hopeless, He made a way for them to be made right with Him despite their inability to obey all the rules. 

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Have you ever felt ashamed of your past and the decisions you've made? Do you ever wish you could go back and do things differently? If so, you're not alone. We all have done and said things we wish we could take back, and sometimes, the guilt, the shame, and feeling of being unworthy makes us feel like even if we talked to God, He would want nothing to do with us. But did you know that shame, guilt, and fear are all emotions that God never intended us to feel? In week two of our series Long Story Short, Pastor Sean talks shows from the Bible where mankind went off track to experience this emotions, why they chose this path, and why we are still struggling with the exact same decisions today.

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Have you ever wondered why God decided to create the world and everything in it? For instance, what was His goal and what was He trying to accomplish? And why did He give mankind the option for evil to exist? In the first week of our series Long Story Short, Pastor Sean looks at the very first account in the Bible - the Creation of the world. Through this story, we see why God created everything, what our purpose is in His story, and why He allowed the option for everything perfect He created to be ruined by evil.

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