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The biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner and we are entering the Holiday season where many of us will spend money we don’t have to give presents and toys that others don’t need. Money is a lot of fun, if you have it right? But when financial difficulties creep into our lives, it creates havoc. The Bible actually has a lot to say about money. in fact, it talks about money more than it does heaven or hell. So in this series, we will be taking a look at principles from the Bible that can help us earn our money, keep our money, grow our money, manage our money, and leverage our money.

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2 Myths We Believe About Our Money

What if part of the reason that you struggle so much with money is because you have believed some common myths about your money? We work for our money arguably harder than anything else in life, and as a result, we value our money a lot. But what if the goal isn't how much money you get but rather what you do with it? In the last week of this series, Pastor Sean busts 2 big myths that many of us believe about our money. When our perspective on these myths changes, it helps us to look at our money differently and choose to use it differently.

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Breaking The Bondage Of Debt

Can you imagine what it would feel like if you didn't have any debt? The relief! The peace! As we approach Black Friday, many of us will go out and spend way more on presents for the Holidays than we can afford, only to find ourselves pinched and stressed all next year trying to figure out a way to pay it all off. Too many of us are slaves to our debt and instead of us telling our money where to go, our debt tells us where our money HAS to go. In the second week of this series, Pastor Ken talks about why our money and debt is not only a material issue, but a spiritual issue and he gives us a simple 5 step solution to free ourselves from the bondage of debt.

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Basics Of Biblical Finance

Money is really fun if you have it right? But if you don't have it, or if you struggle to keep and manage it, it can be an incredible source of stress and anxiety. For most of us though, we don't do well with our money. With the average American spending 104% of their annual income, our money is often something that holds us back instead of providing freedom. And our money problems don't just stay in the financial realm. It can impact our relationships in a very negative way as well. In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean looks at what the Bible has to say about money and gives 5 Basics of Biblical Money Management that can help you to start getting back on track with your finances.

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