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Life Hacks

Everyone gets excited to hear about a life hack that can help you maneuver through your everyday life better? Well, what if you found out you can have access to a wealth of life hacks that help you navigate not just your typical day better, but your WHOLE life better? During the Life Hack series, we will explore the book of Proverbs and discover real life advice that will help you make better, smarter choices—whether the decisions ahead of you are small or big.

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How To Pursue Wisdom

Everyone says that they want to be wise. Nobody hopes to make foolish decisions that will take their life in the wrong direction. But many people choose to ignore wisdom because honestly, it's often the harder road to take. This week, Pastor Sean shows from book of Proverbs what the outcomes of making wise choices is and what the outcomes is for those who choose to be foolish. He also gives 3 critical decisions you must make if you are going to choose to pursue after wisdom.

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How To Experience Financial Freedom

This week in our Life Hack series, we are talking about the #1 thing that causes divorce in this country. It's also the biggest reasons why we lose sleep, have arguments, and end up stressed out - it's our money and debt. Money can make even the most sane people go nuts. We trade the majority of our waking hours every week for our money which is one reason why we hold onto it so tightly. Pastor Sean explores what the book of Proverbs says about wealth and poverty and gives us 4 steps that anyone can take towards experiencing financial freedom.

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How To Win At Life

I'm pretty sure that most everyone would say that they want to be successful. There seems to be an inner burning desire in us all to be good at something. Some things people seem to be born good at, but other thing, we have to work really hard to be good at. But what does success actually look like? What kind of success is worth chasing after. In the second week our this series, Life Hacks, Pastor Sean takes a look at what the book of Proverbs says about success and what our role in it is. He also gives us 6 traits of a wise person that can help lead us towards living a successful life.

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How To Make Wise Decisions

Ever wish you could have a " do over" for some of the decisions you've made in life? At the time, it might have seemed like a good idea, but in hindsight you wonder what you were thinking? We all want to make good decisions in life, but many times the right answer just doesn't seem clear. And where does God factor into these decisions? Is there a certain decision He would want you to make? In the first week of this series, Pastor Taylor looks at what the book of Proverbs says about decisions and gives 4 easy questions you can ask to help you make a wise choice.

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