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I Have A Big But

Many people have big buts when it comes to Christianity. I believe in God but…..Some of these barriers to faith have come as a result of past church experience, things they’ve heard or been taught, and some of these barriers have come from observing how those who call themselves Christian act. In this message series, we will be looking at four big barriers that many people have to Christianity and following Jesus and see what the Bible really says about them.

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Why Is The Church Against Sexuality?

Sexuality is a big topic in our culture today and history shows that it has always been. It's used to sell everything from cars to chewing gum. It's talked about in our circles of friends, our work, and at our schools. But why does it seems that churches and Christians have such a big problem with sex? In today's teaching, we take a closer look at how our culture approaches the topic of sex and how it affecting us. And by taking a look at what the Bible actually says about sex, we work to clear up confusion around this topic and explain why God even cares about how we handle ourselves sexually.

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