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God Asked

Throughout the Bible, God sometimes uses an unexpected method to communicate with his followers: questions. Sometimes the answers to his questions are obvious, sometimes they require a little more digging and self-reflection, but the purpose is always to help his followers come to a deeper understanding of where they are at in life, in relation to where they should or could be. In this series, we will explore some of the different questions God has asked in the Bible, and what we can learn about our relationship with God by asking ourselves these very same questions.

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How Do You Like It Now?

“How do you like it NOW?” It is a usually salty question we hear when our situation gets way worse than we planned. And one thing is for sure, when times do get tough, it is easy to forget what God has already accomplished in our lives, and instead be distracted by our current plight. In the Bible, Haggai went through this type of situation, and God asked him the question “How do you like it NOW?” Only in this case, God used this question and the conversation it sparked, not to discourage him, but to help lift his spirits in the midst of a disheartening struggle.

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Why Is Your House So Nice?

Each person has something they say they value: family, friends, charity, flexibility--the list could go on! But what we say we value and what our actions or possessions show we value, are often two different things. While going through the ups and downs of life, many people allow themselves to be distracted by temporary situations from the things they say they value. This was exactly the case for the Jewish people at several points in the Bible. In this message, Pastor Sean shows us what we can learn from the ways they ended up allowing short-term situations to cause them to lose sight of maintaining focus on their long-term priorities.

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Where Are You?

The very first question God ever asked in the Bible was a simple one: “Where are you?”. He asked this question of Adam and Eve when they were hiding in shame, after having disobeyed God’s command. So many years later, many of us still have the same tendency to try to run away or hide in shame from God when we do something wrong. In this week’s message, Pastor Sean explores why God responded to Adam and Eve’s disobedience with the question “where are you?”, and shows us what it shows about God’s true feelings toward us when we disobey him too.

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