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We all want to live fruitful, meaningful lives but that’s much easier said than done. Even though we might aspire to live like Jesus and act a certain way, we often get distracted, discouraged, or let our circumstances dictate the way that we act. In this series, Fruitology, we are examining 3 out of the 9 fruits of the spirit found in Galatians chapter five. These “fruits” are virtues that God wants to produce in our livesĀ in order to help us live out the Christian life. These fruits that our lives produce are intended to benefit all our relationships and they help to give us greater influence so we can live the way God wants us to.

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Self Control

Do you feel like your life is out of control? Like you can barely control yourself let alone your circumstances. While we all want to say that we are patient, kind, selfless people, our lack of self control is often what is displayed. It's displayed in our diets, in our spending, and in our decisions that we make. God knew that self control would be an area where we would struggle. It's a war between what our physical bodies want and what our mind and hearts are telling us we should want. Pastor Brian wraps up our series Fruitology by showing us what Biblical self control looks like and gives us 3 simple ways that we can start to strengthen our self control muscle.

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A Biblical Response To Hate

Over the course of this past week, our headlines have all been centered around the issues of hatred and racism that we see happening in our country. As tensions rise on both sides of this issue, it leaves many of us wondering, "how can I personally help make a change?" What can be done to fix this brokenness and sin? And what role do I need to play in fixing this problem? In this week's message, Pastor Sean takes the time to address the issue of racism and hatred in our country and shows that the sinfulness of racism is no where supported by what the Bible teaches. But furthermore, he demonstrates from the Bible how those who follow Jesus need to respond to the hatred, ignorance, and racism in order to make a difference.

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Our culture wants everything now. Wanna buy something online? Use Amazon Prime and get it in 2 days. Want to watch a specific show? Just stream it? Don't like your phone? I'm sure your provider has a deal where you can get the newest and best one. As we continue our series, Fruitology, Pastor Taylor talks about the main 2 reasons why we don't have patience and then shows us from the Bible why we can have patience in our lives even when it's hard.

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We use the word love very interchangeably. We love our family. We love our kids. We love our car. We love our sports teams. We love food. But we don't love all those things the same way. We think we've found real love, but then that feeling goes away. As Pastor Ken start the first week of this series, we see that God wants our lives to produce true love. Pastor Ken talks about the 4 types of the love God has for us which He wants us to display and also shares 3 keys to cultivate your heart so that this kind of true love can shine through.

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