Have you ever felt that, no matter what you did, your life seemed to spiral further and further our of control? There are times in life where no matter how well we plan, how good of decisions we make, or how much right we try to do, life just seems to do wrong. For some of us, the thought of losing control consumes us with fear and anxiety and as a result, we shape how we think and how we act around trying to preserve ourselves in case something bad does happen. But at the end of the day, what is it that we really are in control of? In this week’s message, we learn that while we can’t know what’s going to happen in every circumstance, God has given us a responsibility in those scary circumstances and by obeying what He asks, it can help us refocus and turn our fear into faith.



The Hard Truth: You have never been in control. Control is an illusion. There are no constants in life.

  • Where in your life are you more driven to control your environment than you are in trusting God?
  • What are you holding onto too tightly to right now?


Principle to Remember:

Proverbs 21:31 – The horse is prepared for the day of battle, but the victory belongs to the Lord.”


  • How can we live courageously when SO MUCH of our lives are outside of our control?
  • How do I live in a way that is more dependent on God and, therefore, less fearful despite my current circumstances?


Joshua 1:1-5


Three Things God Told Joshua:

  1. You’re my guy
  2. This is all going to work out
  3. Because I am with you wherever you go


Jesus said the exact same thing to you!!


John 15:16

Romans 8:28-29

Matthew 28:20

Joshua 1:6-7


God gives him three things to do:

  1. Be Strong: Do what you can do
  2. Be courageous: Don’t let fear be the motivation for ANY decision you make.
  3. Know God’s Word and follow it.

Trust that God is already where you are going.


Hard Truth: I can’t control the future or the outcome. I CAN control what I do next. THAT WILL determine the future AND the outcome.

Maybe if I focused moire on my next step, God will direct the rest of them.



  • What part of my life feels a little out of my control? Name it?
  • How is this currently impacting other areas of my life? Is this healthy?
  • Can I say that I am, right now, doing what I know I can?
  • Am I trusting God in this current situation to work it out for His glory and my good?
  • What Bible verse is bringing me the greatest encouragement right now?