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Fear And Anxiety

We all seem to struggle with fear and anxiety at different points in our lives. While for some people, the fears and anxiety last only a little while, others are crippled by them, living everyday mentally battling these things and trying to suppress them. We try to cover up or ignore these fears anyway that we can but they always seem to rear their ugly heads at a moments notice. We fear things like being alone, not having enough money, poor health, or losing relationships. But how can we start to change our mindset so that these fears and anxieties no longer have control. Over the next two weeks of this series, we’ll be looking at what things cause these fears and anxieties and what the Bible has to say about how we can regain ground and subdue these lies that we believe.

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Insecurity and People Pleasing

Have you ever allowed your behavior to change because of what you thought others might think about you? Maybe you kept your belief in God to yourself because you thought your co-workers would criticize you. Or maybe you decided to participate in something that would compromise your values because you were afraid of what others might say about you? For some of us, the struggle to please other people is greater than it is for others, but we all find ourselves filtering what others may think of us through our decision making filters. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about how our insecurity often leads us to care more about what others think than we care about what God thinks. But the Bible has a lot to say about who we are and who God created us to be and when we focus on living out that purpose, we can break free from our fear of what others think and our insecurity. 

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Mountaintops and Valleys

We all face fear and anxiety at different times in life and sometimes, the fears and the anxiety feels so real that is cripples us. We don't know what to do, we don't know where to turn. All we want to do is find a way to escape the things that are plaguing our minds. While these two things weren't things that God ever intended us to experience, they are common things we battle against in this broken world. When problems arise or we begin to fear the unknown, we can start believing that God has lost control and we begin to doubt whether or not He really is good. In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean shares how we often want to base our faith on the mountaintop experiences that we have in life, but the Bible says that our lives here are short and full of trouble. So what do we do when we find ourselves struggling with fear and anxiety in the valleys? In this message, Pastor Sean gives us two practical things.