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FAQ 2017

We all have questions that linger in the backs of our minds about God, culture, morality, and faith. This series, give you the chance to get some of those nagging questions answered from a Biblical perspective. You all have submitted your most pressing questions to us and over the next four weeks, we will answer four of the most popular questions that you al are wondering about.

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How Can I Trust The Bible Is True?

For those who follow Jesus, the Bible is the source that we base our lives and our relationship with God on. It's the story that reveals God's interactions with mankind from the very beginning of time. It affects what we worship, how we act, and what we believe. But how do we know that the Bible is actually true? How do we know that it wasn't changed over time as it was translated? What if the story of the Bible is nothing more than a fabricated story? In the third and final week of our series, Pastor Sean answers this question by looking at the historical evidence proving the Bible to be true or not. This matter because if the Bible is completely true, as followers of Jesus we must rearrange our lives around it.

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Can I Be A Christian And Believe In Evolution?

Can I be a Christian and believe in Evolution? Evolution is widely taught and accepted in most secular education, but what about the Biblical account of Creation? If I'm a Christian but also believe in science, what am I supposed to do with the Creation story? In this second week of our series FAQ, Pastor Sean talks about the theories of Evolution and Creation. Because both views are scientifically theories, we need to examine the evidence in order to come up with a conclusion. Pastor Sean answers these questions and shows why believing in one theory or the other can make a difference.

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God’s Design For Sexuality

Sexuality is a topic that we are faced with in our culture on almost a daily basis. We hear some voices in our culture promoting sexual expression and then we hear other voices seemingly condemning it. But at the end of the day, does God really care about your sexuality? If He does, why is it such a big deal? In the first message of this series, Pastor Sean talks about what God has to say about sexuality, the reason He designed it, and how we can better approach the subject of sexuality in today's culture.

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