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Christmas Stories

Chances are you’re pretty familiar with the Christmas story. You’ve got Joseph, Mary, the angels, shepherds, wise men, and of course baby Jesus. And while these people might be the main focus of the Christmas story, they were not the only ones whose lives were affected. In this series, we will be looking at the Christmas story through the lens of those people surrounding the Christmas story and see from their different perspectives how this event brought hope to them.

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The Wise Men and Herod

At Christmas time, we celebrate the birth of Jesus. We know all about the nativity scene, sing songs that mention his name, and maybe even take a moment to talk about the story of his birth. But is this the only time of the year where you allow room for Jesus in your life? On this Christmas Eve, we conclude our series Christmas Stories by comparing the responses of King Herod and The Wise Men to the birth of Jesus. Pastor Sean shows that while they both had the same information, they responded to the birth in two totally different ways.

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Simeon and Anna

Do you simply believe in God or do you believe in God enough to trust Him. Those are two very different things. Even Satan believes in God, but it doesn't mean that he is right with God. In week three of our series, Christmas Stories, Pastor Sean talks about how circumcision in the Hebrew Scriptures was a temporary physical marking for those who were dedicated to God. But, we see that there is a transition where now baptism is the permanent spiritual procedure that marks those who have decided to dedicate themselves to God. Pastor Sean looks at the Christmas story from the perspective of Simeon and Anna and shows how being a follower of Jesus is not simple checking off a religious to do list, but rather giving over your heart, your mind, and your life to the will of God.

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The Inn Keeper and Shepherds

What if you were known for the biggest mistake you ever made? Nobody remembers you for your career, your accomplishments, or any kind of difference you've ever made. All anybody remembers about you is the one area where you failed. As we continue our series, we find the Innkeeper in the Christmas Story in this exact spot. He had been taught his entire life to expect a Messiah to come to Bethlehem, but once the Messiah showed up, he was too busy, too booked, and there wasn't any room left. In today's message, Pastor Stephen contrasts the response of the Innkeeper with the response of the Shepherds and shows how we all often approach God the same way the Innkeeper did.

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Zechariah and Elizabeth

Doing the right thing isn't always easy. But it's even harder to keep doing the right thing when it seems like it's not working. When we reach this point, we're often tempted to quit or at least compromise to get us to where we want to be. In the first week of this Christmas series, we look at the story of a couple, not wondering how they got pregnant, but a couple wondering if they ever will. Through their difficulty we see their faith being tested to grow and Pastor Sean shares 4 things that we can learn from their story.

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