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Christmas Classics

Christmas songs just seem to be contagious. Once you hear them, they’re stuck in your head and it’s not easy to get them out. Listening to them is one of the best ways to get you in the Holiday spirit. Whether it’s a classic song or a remake of a popular song, Christmas songs stick with us and often have a story associated with them. In our December series Christmas Classics we are looking at some traditional Christmas songs, the story behind them, and the ties to the Bible that these inspirational songs have.

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Joy To The World

When it comes to Christmastime, we love to hear the Christmas story. Mary and Joseph on the donkey. The baby being born in the stable and the shepherds and wise men traveling to see Him. We like our manger scenes but for some of us, that's all the Jesus we want. This Christmas, Pastor Sean talks about how the Jews had been waiting for a Messiah to come and free them from Rome's oppression. A Messiah that would show up with a sword and give them the political and social systems that they wanted. But when Jesus showed up, He was less interested in changing politics and more interested in changing people's hearts. And this Christmas, many of us might want a Jesus that can change our circumstances, get us out of debt, or fix our marriages, but what we don't want is a Jesus that will change our hearts.

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Away In A Manger

When Jesus enters the world in the Christmas story, we see Him enter in the scene in the most humble and disadvantaged position. He wasn't rich or powerful, he didn't stand out in a crowd, and He didn't demand the attention and affection of others. In this week's message, we see that Jesus entered the scene looking to give up His right as God and intentionally be at a disadvantage so that He could serve everybody. To show that His love, hope, and forgiveness is for all, no matter their past. Pastor Sean talks about how this Christmas, we can take our next step as followers of Jesus by giving up our "rights" to serve those who don't deserve it and to abandon our wants to follow God's will. 

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O Come All Ye Faithful

There are some things that we all become so passionate about that we can't help but tell everyone else. Like maybe you can't stop talking about Essential Oils, or your sports team, or maybe your favorite place to eat. Regardless of what it is, the more passionate we become, the more we want to tell others about that. In this week's message, Pastor Sean talks about how when God wanted to tell everyone about the birth of Jesus He chose to tell it to the lowliest and most looked down upon occupation--shepherds. So why did he pick the people who were the lowest of the low? The people who couldn't get a job anywhere else?

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O Holy Night

Christmas time isn't something that everyone looks forward to. In fact for many people, Christmas is one of the hardest times of the year and most depressing. Christmas is often the time where we can't avoid seeing and interacting with the people who've hurt us the most. Or maybe Christmas reminds you of the pasts hurts you've experienced. In the first week of our series Christmas Classics, Pastor Sean looks at the Scripture and meaning behind the song O Holy Night and shows us from the Bible what steps you can take if you find yourself struggling with or dreading the Christmas season. 

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