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Blessed Life

Don’t we all want to live a blessed life? A life that God would want to bless? That’s exactly what we want as a church family, but what does it mean to have a blessed life? When we hear a blessed life we often think of a life full of health, wealth, prosperity, and influence. And for many of us, we spend our lives in pursuit of these things and praying that God will bless us along the way. But what if having a blessed life didn’t start with what you had and instead was defined by what you’re willing to give up? In this series, we will see that God wants to multiply the things that He has placed in our lives not so that we can benefit only from them, but so that our lives can make an eternal difference.

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Surrender To Me And Multiply

What is the one thing that you possess that you'd be LOST without? The thing that defines you and what you work hardest to hold onto? Maybe it's a job or a relationship. Maybe it's your reputation, your money, or your possessions. If God asked you to let go of it, would you? Before you say yes, think about what that would cost you. What would your life look like without that thing? In the last week of this series, Pastor Sean looks at how Abraham responded when God asked him to surrender his "everything" to Him. And from this story points out what things in our lives we are resistant to surrender for fear that God won't provide, and what we need to do about it.

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Prioritize Me And Multiply

We all have a set of priorities in our lives. Our priorities are the things that will determine how we think and what decisions in our lives we will make. In fact, we center our lives around our priorities. But when our priorities are misaligned, we are in danger of missing out on the blessed life that God wants us to live. In the third week of our series, Pastor Sean shows how Abraham allowed God to be the first priority in his life and as a result was able to be blessed and used by God. But in order for us to allow God to have priority over our wants and plans, we must choose whether or not we trust that God's plan for us is better than ours.

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Trust Me And Multiply

For some of us, the blessed life may look different depending on the skills, talents, and resources that God has given to us. But God has given all of us the elements in our lives needed to live a blessed life. In this week's message, Pastor Ken talks about how our trust in God plays into having a life blessed by him. He shows from the story of Abraham that trusting in God is not always easy and sometimes we fail. We don't understand how God could come through and so we bail on waiting for Him and try to work it out on our own. But God isn't interested in keeping us from all difficulty. He is interested in helping us grow our faith muscle so that we can trust more and and accomplish the blessed life. 

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Follow Me And Multiply

What does it take to live a life that God would want to bless? A life that when you get to the end of it, you are greeted with the applause of heaven. You get to experience every awesome thing that God had planned for you and squeezed every last drop of greatness from your life. But this kind of life doesn't happen by accident. In this week's message, Pastor Sean shares that right now, you might be running away from the very things that God has put in your life in order to give you the blessed life. Sometimes, these things are scary and sometimes they are more than we think we can handle. But God dreams dreams that far outlast the dreams that you have for your life. 

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