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At The Movies

We all love a good movie. The heroes and the villains. The suspense. The tears and the laughter that comes with a movie with a great storyline. Movies can inspire us and teach us truths about ourselves and about life. In this series, we will be highlighting a well-known movie each week and seeing what things we can learn about ourselves and our relationship with God!

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Star Wars Episode 3

What kinds of things in your life tend ton distract you from God? Maybe it's the pursuit of wealth. A relationship? A certain lifestyle or pleasure. While none of these things in and of themselves are necessarily wrong, when we choose to place more value in them then we do God, they become idols in our hearts that keep us from following Jesus. In the last week or this series, Pastor Ken shows an example from Star Wars where Anakin Skywalker is faced with a decision. Does he hold onto his desire for more power in order to protect his wife, or does he let go of the things that are holding him back? In the same way, Pastor Ken parallels a story in the Bible where a man couldn't let go of something that kept him distant from God. In addition, Pastor Ken gives 3 ways you can track down the idols that might be keeping you from God, and 2 things you must do to battle against these idols.

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Spiderman 3

One of the best parts of Superhero movies is the tension that goes on between the hero and the villain. The intense struggle between good and evil and who will prevail. In some movies like Spiderman 3, we see that the struggle for good and evil sometimes exists within the same person. And isn't that true in our lives? God has given us all gifts and abilities, but the choice is ours as to what we use them for- to help ourselves or to honor God with them. In this week's message, Pastor Stephen looks at the story of David and how God had gifted him to do great things even though he was only a shepherd boy. But as we see David get more power and influence, the struggle begins to arise as to whose interests he will use it for.

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The Greatest Showman

From time to time, we all find ourselves comparing ourselves with others. We compare how we look with others, how our social media compares to others, what we drive, how big of a house we have compared to others, and how much money we make compared to everyone else. But comparisons, in the end, only hurt us. It robs us of joy and gratefulness. And no matter how much we end up getting, we never end up being content. In this week's message Pastor Taylor uses illustrations from the movie the greatest showman to show how we often end up discontent and then show us what the Bible has to say about where contentment comes from and how we can move from constant comparison and envy, to gratitude and contentment.

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Groundhog Day

Do you ever feel like you are stuck in life, repeating the same old mistakes from the past? Or doing the same wrong things over and over again? Many times in life we find ourselves stuck in the same old patterns of life just like Bill Murray in the movie Groundhog Day. And no matter what we seem to do, we just can't break free and seem to start fresh. This week, Pastor Ken talks about how to know if you're stuck, how you get stuck in the first place, and gives 3 steps that you can begin to take in order to help get you unstuck.

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The Count Of Monte Cristo

We don't have to live very long before we experience pain and hurt in this world. Some of this is the result of the decisions we've made in life, but a lot of the time, the hurt we experience is the byproduct of some else's wrong actions. Betrayal by a friend or a spouse. Being wrongly accused to lied about. These things happen to everyone in life, but not everyone responds the same way when these thing happen. In today's message, Pastor Sean talks about three people from the Bible that despite some of the worst things happening to them, chose to respond in way that pleased God. We'll learn about who these men are and what 4 things they did differently that allowed them to respond in the right way.

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The Sandlot

Have you ever been a part of a really good team? Maybe it was a sports team or even a team at your work? The benefits of being a part of a team is that the team thinks about the "we" not the "me". They look out for each other and come to help aid each other when things get tough. In the first week of this series, Pastor Stephen looks at the movie The Sandlot and shows how the church should be the team that has your back when things in life get tough.

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