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It seems that no matter where you turn in today’s world, you see injustice. Not only do bad things happen to good people, but it seems that those who do wrong get to walk away with no consequences. So where is God in the middle of all of this? How can God be good and still let all of this injustice happen? Does He care? Is He not bothered by the corruption and wrongdoing that we see all around us? In this series, we will see in the book of Amos how God responded to the injustice of those days and see what role God is currently playing in the world to right all wrongs.

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God’s Patience In Punishment

Have you ever looked at evil in the world and wonder why God doesn't squash it right then and there? What is He waiting for? Does He not see what is going on? But when it comes to God dealing with the wrong and evil in our lives, we want God to give us a slap on the wrist. As we conclude our series in Amos, Pastor Sean talks about a time when God is done waiting - when He will no longer rescue from the consequences of our wrong actions. But there is a reason why God's patience is so long.

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Justice And Mercy

We all love the idea of justice. We love the movies where the evil villain gets punished, or where the school ground bully gets put back into his place. We love justice being served, unless it is being served to us. In the second week of this series, Pastor Stephen talks about the profound affect that the act of mercy has upon humanity and how God has called to play a part in restoring peace in this world. We all experience both justice and mercy in our lives, and God has called us to live lives that reflect the mercy and second chances we've been given by God.

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How God Views Injustice

Evil in the world is almost impossible to ignore. It seems to be everywhere. On the news, social media, on your morning commute. You may have even said to yourself, "What is happening to this world!?" It's hard to imagine a good God allowing all of the injustices we see go unpunished, but where is God in all of this? Does He care? In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean shows from the book of Amos how God sees the injustice in the world and why sometimes it seems like people get away with evil. He also points out that we tend to be quick to point the finger at the evil in other's, but we willingly overlook and ignore the evil that exists within us

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