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5 Lies

Nobody likes to be lied to, but what if the person who lied to you is yourself? Everyday, we go about our lives believing lies that can not only hurt us not only mentally and emotionally, but spiritually as well. They effect how we think, how we act, and how we see ourselves. We even go as far as to rearrange our lives to fit this lie that we are believing. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If we can identify the lies in our lives we can begin to replace them with truth and live in freedom, not bondage to the lie. In this series, we’ll be identifying at 5 lies that many of us believe, and also learning how to replace those lies with truth.

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You Believe In God So You’re All Set

As we wrap up this series, Pastor Sean talks about a lie that many believe that might be the most consequential. The lie is that since we believe in God, we are all set. That just because we believe there is a God and that Jesus was God, doesn't mean that we are right with God at all. Many claim to know God and even be a Christian, but we learn from the Bible that on Judgement Day, God will say to many that He never knew them. In this message, Pastor Sean talks about how we can be sure we are right with God, how we can be sure we can't lose our salvation, and calls us to consider what kind of life Jesus is really calling the Christian to live.

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You’re Not Doing Enough

Do you ever feel like you are just not good enough? Most everything in our lives we work hard to earn. If we want good grades, we have to study hard. If we want a promotion, we have to work hard. That's because nothing in life comes free. We have to work for it. The problem is that we can begin to believe that what we do isn't enough to be loved by God. As a result, we end up living busy, stressed, frustrated lives that don't experience the peace and rest that God has for us. In today's message, Pastor Stephen shows us from the Bible how we can let go of this lie and find the peace God has for us.

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I’m On My Own To Figure Things Out

It's hard to feel alone, but it's even harder when you are going through a rough spot in life or when you have a big decision to make. Many times in life we feel like we are left to handle our lives all on our own. We see our issues as only being career issues, or relational issues, or mental issues. And we rarely look at them as potential spiritual issues. In today's message, Pastor Ken gives three truths to uncover the lie that you're alone to figure things out and gives us three actions steps that we can begin taking in order to overcome believing this lie.

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Some Things Can’t Be Forgiven

Do you feel like you are unworthy to be used by God? That because of your past you belong on the island of misfit toys along with the other damaged goods? And no matter how hard you try to see the good in life, you are constantly reminded of the wrong you've done or had done to you? If so, you are probably believing the lie that we are talking about today. In the second week of this series, Pastor Sean address the lie that "Some Things Can't Be Forgiven" and gives three truths that can help us replace this lie and move forward in accomplishing the purpose that God has for us.

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It’s Just Who I Am

Have you believed in the lie that you can’t change? Maybe you have told yourself that your destined this way because of your past. Or because of your family line, you’ll always deal with certain things. Or maybe you’ve just accepted that you are the way you are and nothing you do can change that. In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about how this lie affects us and motivates us to respond in one of five ways. He also gives two actions steps that you can take to allow God to transform the things in your life that you can’t.

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