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5 Building Blocks To Grow Your Faith

It is back to basics with this series—but basic is not always the same thing as easy! This sermon series walks through 5 key elements in a growing relationship with God that even long-time followers of Christ might find they could use some work on. Pastor Sean gives some clear ways you can use these elements as stepping stones to help build a stronger and more meaningful relationship with God and everyone else in your lives.

Private Discipline

The final installment of the Building Blocks That Grow Our Faith series. This message reveals two disciplines that Jesus said his followers need to work on practicing in order to grow in their spiritual journey: generosity and prayer. Pastor Sean explains how discipline in these areas builds our trust and faith in God. He also shows us, even though it seems counter-intuitive, how discipline actually leads to more freedom in the end.

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God has amazing, miraculous plans for your life. Perhaps you are already beginning to experience them, or perhaps you have a hard time trusting that things will work out if you start living out those plans. Maybe you have actively been putting up “safe gates” to avoid having to trust God for anything. In this message, Pastor Sean continues our Building Blocks series by talking about what happens when you do put your trust in God, and gives practical ways you can start building your trust in Him right away.

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Self Check

It is easy to recognize the importance of having a regular health check-up. You want to make sure your health is on the right track and that there is nothing going wrong under the surface. In this message, Pastor Sean lays out the importance of having a spiritual health check-up too. He also gives you a list of areas in your life you can stop and examine, to see whether any of those areas are at a place that will ultimately grow your relationship with God.

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Personal Relationships

In life, pain, difficulty and struggle are inevitable. God never intended for you to face those trials alone though. God gave us a very effective way to help us not just withstand trials, but grow in them: relationships. In fact, it has been said that relationships will determine the direction and quality of your life. In this message, Pastor Ken Knott shows you ways to develop the relationships in your life in a way that strengthens and stretches your faith.

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Pivotal Events

In dark times, it is sometimes hard to see the path that is leading back to light. Have you been struggling and feeling bewildered as to why it is you have to endure those trials? Why you? In hard situations, it is easy to wonder where God even is. In this message, Pastor Sean shows the connection between struggles and faith. He looks at the story of a man in the Bible who literally died and then lived again to testify that in the midst of tragedy, God can use our trials for good.

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Practical Teaching

In life, you have choices you can make that will determine how you build your life. What influences the choices you make? In this message, Pastor Sean says there is one vital spiritual element that will leave a person to stagnate or even move away from God if not allowed it to influence life choices. He also gives examples of what can happen if you actively incorporate this element in your own life.

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Do You Trust God?

Ever had a friend that did not seem to have your best interest in mind? The natural reaction is to start to pull back and eventually avoid them. How you view a person has a direct influence on how you interact with that person. In this message, Pastor Sean shows how easy it is, if you do not believe God has your best interest in mind, to develop the same kind of broken relationship with God as with a shady “friend”. He also explores the powerful impact it can have on your life if you start to view yourself the way God views you.

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