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Squad Goals

Did you ever remember having a “squad” when you were younger? Maybe your squad was a group of friends from school or around the neighborhood that were always together. Or maybe you had a squad of people from a sports team or from a collegiate group. But as we get older, we tend to drift away from our friendships. Maybe it’s the busyness of adult life, laser focus on our goals, or maybe even the pain we are experiencing seems to make it harder for us to have close friends. But according to multiple mental and physical health studies, loneliness is one of the greatest things we struggle with. Why is that? This series is to help you become more careful with the friends you already have and more intentional about the ones you should have. Because the Bible teaches that your friends help/keep you from being the person God is calling you to be.

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Purposeful Friendships

Friends not only can provide support and companionship, as we learned last week, but they also can be the people you turn to when you don't know what to do or where to turn to. And in the same way, you can be that person in someone else's life. Great friends help share each other's burden, celebrate each other's victories and forms a bond that becomes like family. In this week's message, we look at how this type of friendship is modeled in the Bible and what it takes to have a purposeful friendship and how you can work...

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Extraordinary Friendships

It's hard to build great, close knit friendships as adults. Maybe we're just busy. Or maybe we've been hurt in the past. But for many of us, our best friendships are in the past and not in the present. Loneliness is reported to be a major issue in our culture from all age groups, yet we still find making new close friends very difficult. In today's teaching, we are going to talk about why the Bible says having close friends is so important, not only for your mental and physical health but your spiritual health. We tend to become...

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