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This Is Us

There are things that we do on the outside that can communicate about who we are on the inside. Things that we are passionate about. Things that we personally value or hold close to our hearts. All these things make up a part of who we are individually and collectively as a church. In this new series, we will take a week to uncover each of the values of our church, why we have them, why they make us unique, and how adopting these values as your own can impact your life and grow your faith in the process.

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Radically Generous

In the last week of our series, Pastor Sean talks about the value of our church that just make might make us the most unique. In fact, it might have been one of the first things that made an impression upon you at our church. That is the value of being radically generous. We all want to be generous people, but what does true generosity look like in our lives and how does it impact our relationship with God? Pastor Sean shares how generosity has been a theme through the entire Bible and shares why our church places a high value on it and how becoming radically generous yourself will impact and grow your faith and relationship with God.

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Personally Involved

Have you ever stopped to think that God, before you were ever even born, had a preferred life and purpose for your life? That He planned and crafted you to live your life in a way that would not only benefit you but all those around you? But what if we've messed up in the past? Or what if we haven't been interested in all in what God wants for us and instead are interested more in what we want. This week in our series This Is Us, we talk about the value our church places on every person being personally involved. We talk about how you can begin to live the life God has planned for you regardless of your past and what are some small steps you can take to get started.

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Outwardly Focused

I think it would be fair to say that we all look to be comfortable in our lives. Even if you are someone who likes change, when change brings about discomfort in your life chances are it is not welcomed. It is our very human nature to try and settle in. To find the groups of people who are like us, think like us, believe like us, and vote like us. It gives us a sense of comfort in our surroundings and brings about security. In today's message, Pastor Stephen shows that God has asked His followers to abandon their sense of security and comfort in order to accomplish something much greater. Because of this high calling from God, Pastor Stephen shows from the life of Jesus why our church has chosen to be Outwardly Focused.

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Biblically Centered

The Bible is no doubt the center of the Christian faith, but does that mean that we have to rearrange our lives around everything the Bible says? If so, how do we know that the things written in the Bible are actually true? How do we know that it has not been changed and what difference does it make if I don't follow everything written in it? In this week's teaching, Pastor Sean talks about whether or not we can trust the accuracy of the Bible, why it matters for the Christian life, and why being Biblically Centered is the most important value of our church.

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New Covenant

There are things that we wear or do on the outside that can communicate about who we are on the inside. A common example is marriage. It's not the ring that makes someone married. A wedding ring worn by someone who is single does not make them married. The ring is simply a outward symbol of a commitment, a covenant, that two people have made together. In the first week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about the new covenant that God has made with man and how baptism, just like the wedding ring, is the first step in a follower of Jesus making their faith public.

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