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The Code

You do not have to be a programmer to know a computer code determines the way a program operates. It is like a filter sifting through tons of information, deciding what is worth focusing on. In this series called “The Code,” Pastor Sean lays out the five major values Grace Church uses as its “code”. These values, if allowed to influence the heart, can positively change the way you interact with God, the world, and everyone in it.

Personally Involved

The final installment of The Code series. Pastor Sean talks about the importance of our last core value: being personally involved in the church. Think you could not possibly have anything to contribute to your church community? Pastor Sean helps you uncover abilities you may not have even realized existed, which you can use to make a difference. He also addresses the question of what “church” even is, if it is not the staff members, services or building.

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Radical Generosity

This message takes a look at what it really means to be radically generous, which is our church's third core value. Pastor Sean discusses why it’s such a big deal to God and what happens when we take that leap of faith to give instead of hold back. He also gives us some practical ways we can take steps to become more radically generous in our everyday lives.

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Outwardly Focused

This message explains why Grace Church puts so much emphasis on our second core value, being outwardly focused. Pastor Sean gives you some telltale signs of what it looks like when someone is building relationships with the people in their lives like Jesus did. He also dives deeper into what it looks like to be a true friend, like Jesus was, to the type of people that sometimes make many “religious” people uncomfortable.

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Biblically Centered

At Grace Church, the vision is not centered around the pastor, politics, culture, or even tradition. In this message, Pastor Sean shares what is so unique about the Bible that Grace Church chooses to center everything it does, around the book. In these tense and divisive times in our country, he also highlights the powerful messages contained within the Bible that can help you filter what issues are worth standing for, and which are better to just let go.

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God’s Provision For Mankind

In this introduction to “The Code” series, Pastor Sean walks through some of the historical evidence that points to Jesus Christ as the savior of humanity. He does this with passages from the one scripture that three major world religions all use and agree upon. He also explains what it means for each and every person if Jesus really was who he said he was. In addition, this message shows exactly what it would start to look like if belief in Jesus Christ were to become your “code” or “filter” that influenced your life decisions.

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