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What a year 2020 has been already and we are only halfway through! This might be one of the most memorable years that many of us can recall, and probably not for the best reasons either. For many of us, this year has been incredibly difficult and stressful and it has seemingly robbed all of us of a lot of our sources of joy. But as a church, we believe that followers of Jesus are equipped with enough bandwidth to find happiness and contentment in the middle of chaos, confusion, and loss. And this series will unpack just how we can do that.

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The Thief of Happiness

There are things in this world that will rob us of our happiness. Most of the time, we think that our current circumstances are the greatest threat to our happiness, and so we do all we can to numb the pain we feel. We self medicate through things like ignorance, alcohol, drugs, or food in a feeble attempt to gain our happiness back. As we finish up this series, Pastor Sean talks about how our attempts to relieve the pain often only extend it by bringing about guilt and shame, only to be faced with the same issues when...

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When Will I Have Enough?

We have more than we have ever had as a society, yet discontentment has never been more common. We have so much, yet feel so unsatisfied. We have more than we’ve ever had and yet we are less content than we have ever been. Is it possible that the easier things get for us, the less content we become? Because now we expect life to be quick, convenient, and easy? In today's message, Pastor Stephen talks about why it is so easy to be discontent and feel like we don't have enough and then shows what the Bible says about how we...

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The Behaviors of Happiness

Many of us find ourselves thinking, “I’d be happy if I just had more money”?  We have a dollar amount in our head, and we think if we can get that much, the joy it gives us will last forever. But the truth is, if our satisfaction is rooted only in how much money we have, we will never find happiness, not the kind that lasts. Even if we achieve our biggest financial dream, many of us end up wanting more and more. In this series, learn behaviors that truly happy people practice which create lasting satisfaction, no matter...

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The Myth Of Happiness

We all want to be happy. But why does there have to be so many things we encounter in our lives that fight against us being happy? Why can't everything just be smooth so we can all be happy? Have you ever found yourself asking those questions? Sometimes it seems like the harder we work to be happy, the more it eludes us. Why is that? It's because we've been conditioned to believe that happiness is a WHAT instead of a WHO. That if I get what I want, if I go there, or be with them that I'll...

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