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What grade would you give yourself when it comes to prayer in your life? Maybe the only time you pray is when something goes wrong, you want to get away with something, or you’re really just desperate. Maybe you’ve prayed before but felt like God didn’t hear you or at least didn’t answer your prayer so what’s the point. Prayer really is such an important part of our faith and relationship with God, but for many of us, our prayer life leaves much to be desired. Often we become spiritually stunted in our growth because we don’t know why we pray. In this series, we will be looking at what the Bible says is the purpose of prayer, how and when we should pray, and what the impact of our prayers actually are.

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The Habit Of Prayer

How do you think your life would look differently if you began to have regular, personal communication with God? Now this isn't the same thing as telling others our thoughts and prayers are with them. I'm talking about real, genuine, heart to heart talks with God about your decisions, your circumstances, your hurt, your joy, and your desires. In the last week of this series, Pastor Sean talks about how a God's desire for your prayer life is never to stop, but rather you hit the pause button on the conversation. In this teaching, we also learn 3 things that a healthy prayer life is and how we can begin to apply this habit of prayer to our lives.

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How To Hear From God

In last week's teaching, we discussed how prayer is supposed to be a performance we put on for God, but a conversation we are beginning. But if prayer is a conversation, how are we supposed to hear from God? How are we to know when He answers, if He answers, or what is His answer to our prayers? Are we supposed to listen for an audible voice telling us what to do? Is it possible for us to mistake God's answers to us? In this week's message, Pastor Sean gives us three ways that God speaks to us, but before we can even go that far, we need to answer an important question. Do we REALLY want to hear what God has to say and will we obey what He is telling us?

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How To Pray

Imagine it's a special occasion like a birthday or anniversary and you receive two cards, both from people you care about. One card contains words written by an author and holds only a signature from your loved one. However, the other card is filled with a hand written notes. Which one would you find to be more meaningful. Most of the time our answer would probably be the one with the original, hand written words. Well what if God viewed our prayers the same way? Many of us approach prayer feeling like it is something that needs to be recited back to God. Some beautiful words that someone else came up with. But in this week's message, Pastor Sean shows from the Bible how the prayer God is the most interested in hearing from you, is the one straight from your heart. In this teaching, we see 3 truths about prayer that could completely change the way you pray and interact with God.

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Purpose Of Prayer

Prayer is one of those things that we kind of do without thinking about why we do them. We know the Our Father and have other prayers memorized, but what's the point? We probably all would say that prayer is important in the life and faith of a Christian, but you've probably prayed before and felt like God never answered. Did He not hear you? Was He too busy? Or did He just not care to answer your prayer? In today's teaching, Pastor Sean talks about why we are supposed to pray and what difference does it really make.

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