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Bad Blood

Relationships can be tough. Sometimes even just being civil with a family member, friend or co-worker can feel like an uphill battle when tensions arise. This series focuses on the best way to handle the difficult situations that could easily break a relationship. It also provides practical tips on how to not just resolve conflict, but to also pave the way for deeper and more meaningful connections.

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When Enough Is Enough

When it comes to reconciling painful relationships, one of the hardest questions to answer is, when is enough enough? How many times does Jesus say you are supposed to forgive someone who has hurt you? Pastor Sean wraps up the Bad Blood series by answering these questions. He also addresses the extent to which each person is responsibility for the dysfunction in a broken relationship.

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The first step of fixing a relationship with “bad blood” is opening up a conversation with the other person. It is a step many tend to avoid, whether it is because of fear or awkwardness or fear of conflict. In this message, Pastor Sean explains why it is important to begin that conversation, even if it is uncomfortable. He also discusses how to gauge the best timing for this type of conversation and the best way in which to approach the other person in the broken relationship.

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There is a saying that forgiveness is taking the knife out of your own back, and not using it to hurt anyone else, no matter how they hurt you. In this message, Pastor Sean talks about how to take action to forgive someone when they wrong you, even if they are not sorry. He explains how understanding God’s love for us when we have wrong Him can lead to freedom from the poison of resentment.

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The Empathy Lens

Most people know at least one person that drives them crazy. Maybe there is someone in your own life that has been pushing your buttons to the point of putting a strain on the relationship. In this message, Pastor Ken discusses the power of empathy. He shares a simple, practical method that will help you harness the power of empathy to take you further in making that difficult relationship healthy once again.

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