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Adoption is a very personal and intimate process. The definition of adoption is to claim and take the full responsibility of someone who is not your own. In the Bible, we see the word adoption used to describe the relationship between us and God. It communicates that God didn’t just choose to rescue us. His plan all along was to adopt us as His own. Follow this series as we will look at how you can become adopted by God, why He chose to not only rescue you, but adopt you, and look at what the cost of adoption into His family was.

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The Cost Of Adoption

Adoption always has a cost. When most of us think about adoption, we are thinking about the fees associated with the legal process and the money we will need to spend to care for a child. But adoption also means walking alongside and loving that child, even he they don't love you back. It means suffering through their pain with them and allowing yourself to be the source of strength. The same is true in our adoption process with God. There was a cost that needed to be paid by God in order to us to have the chance to become adopted. But since, He freely paid this cost out of love for us, it gives us the strength and motivation to love others in this extraordinary way.

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Adopted For Love

As we dive deeper into this series on adoption, we see that although everyone is created by God, not everyone is considered His child. While that might seem a little harsh, it's actually one of the most loving things God could have done. Pastor Sean continues this series by showing that God adopts us into His family for a purpose. As spiritual orphans, we had nothing to offer God, yet He chose to adopt us, and make us His own.

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Adopted By Love

There was a reason why God chose to use the word adoption when referring to the relationship He offers to those who choose to put their faith, hope and confidence in Him. Adoption is much more than simply rescuing us from the consequence of our sin. Adoption implies a deep desire and commitment to not only rescue us from our brokenness, but also to make us His very own. This week, Pastor Brian shares his adoption story and shows what it means to be adopted by God.

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