Each year, many people who are a part of the Grace Church community go above and beyond their regular giving, to contribute to the Hope Project.

The Hope Project is a set of different faith-based initiatives in our community and around the world that Grace Church supports.

We are excited to see how the projects below will change the hearts and lives of people around the world, as a result.

About giving

You may give your one-time large gift anytime between now and December 8. Monthly contributions to our Hope Project partners can be given at the time that you normally give. Just make sure to indicate your gifts is for the Hope Project.


Teen Challenge Brockton

Teen Challenge Brockton provides adults, teens and families with faith-based solutions, clinical counseling, and life-coaching for drug, alcohol, and other life-controlling addictions; all for the sake of  becoming productive members of society again. Our continued partnership through the Hope Project allows Teen Challenge Brockton to fund their short-term support offices. Their newest office opened this past October! Show Teen Challenge your support by attending their weekly services, and praying for those attending this group to find faith in Jesus!

Braintree Food Pantry

The Braintree Community Food Pantry is also a repeat to last year’s Hope Project! This faith-based non-profit is on mission to alleviate hunger in Braintree through gift cards and other resources for families in Braintree. We’ve even seen several families put their faith in Jesus and get baptized at our Braintree location as a result of this ministry. Partnering with the Hope Project helps the Braintree Community Food Pantry to serve over 3,000 individuals annually! We’re hoping this number increases throughout 2020! You can show support by volunteering at one of the monthly pantry dates, bringing in coats and presents during the holiday season, and praying for the resources to continue serving families in need throughout Braintree!

Boston Pregnancy Center

Boston Pregnancy Center is a faith-based nonprofit that opened its doors in 1984 with two goals in mind: Help individuals make informed decisions about unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, and provide support after those decisions have been made. BPC is committed to providing accurate information about abortion procedures and the risks for their clients’ consideration. Being a part of the Hope Project will help BPC fund the different tests, health resources, and connections that are needed for families who are seeking help.



Rob and Nicole have been investing in the Brockton community for years, with a desire to help others find and follow Jesus! Rob currently serves as the Executive Pastor at Redemption Church in the Brockton area. After finishing his one year church planting residency at Grace Church, he plans to launch their new church within the next two years! 



Lionel and Emily are currently serving in their local church in Lynn, and will be relaunching the church plant on the North Shore! [We still love them!] Their family has a heart for the multicultural area north of the city, and will continue creating opportunities for people to find and follow Jesus! Lionel is also be participating in Grace’s one year church planting residency program before re-launching in 2020. 



JD and Natalie started their church plant, Christ Church, in Charlestown this past September. Their focus has been simple, get to know the community! We’d say they are doing an amazing job making connections in “The Town”! Their commitment to love Christ, their community, and to see people’s lives change has already encouraged volunteer teams to grow and people getting baptized! With this year’s Hope Project partnership, Christ Church will be able to continue to creatively figure out and serve their communities needs. 



Judith and a friend started a ladies Bible study in the Reparto Rosario neighborhood in Havana, Cuba. After a few months, more than ten women were meeting together every week. They reached out to some of their friends at the local seminary to see if anyone wanted to help start a church with this group. Ramiro Sesma said he felt God was already calling him to plant a church in that neighborhood, and would be glad to help out.

Over the next year, he and Judith fell in love, got married, bought a home and started Iglesia Bautista de Reparto Rosario. They began meeting in their backyard after the church outgrew their living room. They then built a roof over their driveway to protect the congregation from the sun, walls to define the meeting space, and bathrooms to meet their needs. 

Last year, we helped with the start of a new building next to the church, which became a feeding center for the community and a Sunday school for the church. This year, we’ll be helping them finish the second floor of the newly constructed building!



The Christensens planted Open Church this past September in a newer district of Copenhagen in Denmark, where less than 1% of the population attend a Bible centered church. With this new city being developed around the inner city, over 1,000 young families and students are moving to the area every month. Partnering with the Hope Project will help with some of their first years start up expenses, so they can continue to focus on loving and serving their community.



Our church planter in Vipigo, Kenya is passionate about seeing the unreached people groups of the South Coast of Kenya, which are predominately Muslim, know and follow Jesus. With our partnership with this particular project under MANNA Worldwide, we’ll be helping to expand their church building to keep up with it’s growth, that also stands as a school and feeding center for over 1,000 children on a daily basis! 


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