Each year, many people who are a part of the Grace Church community go above and beyond their regular giving, to contribute to the Hope Project. The Hope Project is a set of different faith-based initiatives in our community and around the world Grace Church supports. We are excited to see how the projects below will change the hearts and lives of people around the world, as a result. If you are interested in contributing to the Hope Project, you can donate here.


Teen Challenge

Since 1964, Teen Challenge has provided individuals and families struggling with drug, alcohol and other addictions, with faith-based clinical counseling and life coaching. This year, Teen Challenge opened an outpatient building  in Brockton, MA. The 2019 Hope Project contributions will help the organization fund operations for that program over the next year. In addition, Teen Challenge is expanding its reach from Massachusetts to Rhode Island, with an in-home residency program for women. At the start of the Hope Project, 16 females are actively involved in the program, but there are many more on the waiting list. With the help of Hope Project contributions, Teen Challenge wants to be able to take those seeking help off the waiting list and start getting them the counseling and coaching they desperately need.

Harbor Church

This church family has passionately pursued connecting their friends and neighbors in Hyannis, MA with Jesus. As a result, the church family has outgrown its space in a local church’s basement. To make more room for those disconnected from God in their community, Pastor Josh and his wife Kaleigh Adams are looking to move from their temporary location to a permanent building. This year, the Hope Project will help Harbor Church finish putting together the sound, lighting, and Kids classes for their building.

Refuge Church

Maine is the fourth least religious state in the entire nation, tied only with New York. Of those who consider themselves religious, even fewer have made the personal decision to follow Jesus. Our church plant, in Wyndham, Maine, Refuge Church, is bucking the trend. By pouring into its community and sharing the message that each person can have a personal relationship with Jesus, the church has seen over 100 decide to follow Jesus and 37 get baptized in the past year alone! This year, they want to impact even more people by adding video equipment, which will allow them to better share God’s message with their friends and neighbors online.

Braintree Food Pantry

Since 1993, The Braintree Community Food Pantry has been a faith-based, nonprofit charity run by volunteers whose mission is to alleviate hunger in Braintree, by providing resources for purchasing groceries for families in need! Partnering with the Hope Project helps the Braintree Food Pantry serve 45-50 families each month!

Fostering Hope

Fostering Hope is an organization in Providence, RI, that seeks to mobilize the church community to love and serve the foster care community, for the long haul. They’ve been a part of one of our teaching series before, and we’re looking forward to helping them make more connections to those in foster care.

Redemption Church

Pastor Robermann and his wife Perle Dorceus planted a predominantly Haitian church
in Quincy, MA when he saw the need for his community to connect, relationally. Their goal is to be a church that exists to serve their community, connect people to Jesus, and care for them so that they can all grow in relationship with God together. With this year’s partnership, Redemption Church will be updating their kids classes, and adding transportation services for weekend services.



Our Church Planting family in Karachi has been serving the people of Pakistan since 2011. Their rapidly growing church is located in the middle of the largest Muslim city in the world, where they’ve planted multiple churches, have a growing two year ministry training school, and grown more a part of their community every day.


Emily and Esteban started Vertical Access Church in Montevideo, Uruguay, serving with a group of people who are committed to reflecting the teachings of Jesus. They’ve been working to reach the city of Montevideo with the gospel and over the past year have broken down barriers allowing them to serve their community even more. With the help of the Hope Project, the Alvarezes will be able to finish their building projects, making their church more accessible and ready for their community to use.


Chris and Stephanie, after 11 years, are still doing the work to bring life to dying churches all over Mongolia. They’ve created job opportunities within their community, oversee two feeding centers and an orphanage from Ulaanbataar to Katgal, and are in the process of planting two more churches by the end of the year 2019! The Hope Project will help the Ballingers make building repairs, including adding a student building to their current church in Katgal.


Our Church Planter in Cuba has been training pastors and starting churches throughout the community within and surrounding Havana. They’re in the process of expanding their Seminary and the church’s meeting location, all for the sake of reaching more people in their community! They are one of the many partners with MANNA Worldwide connecting churches like ours, to the work happening in Havana, and other places overseas.


Leny and Marjorie Funtecha have been serving as lead pastor and teacher to his church in Port Au Prince Haiti for over 20 years. They’ve had a hand in bringing hope to children and families in and around Port au Prince through church planting, schools, and feeding programs and most recently a school for the deaf. With the help of this year’s Hope Project, Pastor Leny will be able to update the kitchen that feeds their academic school and orphanage, as well as add staff to their expanding seminary school!


Our Church Planter, Dan Pakerel with Global Mission Nepal, has started over 87 churches in the past 4 years and has trained hundreds more through theological training workshops. Our partnership in 2019 will fund his workshops and start-up cost for several more churches.


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