Step 1: Request Facilities

When and where will your event be held? Once you have determined these details, you must request approval for the use of any Grace Church facilities before you can promote your event.

Please note: by filling out a request form, you indicate that you agree to the terms of use.

To request a facility reservation, select your media needs at your desired facility below.
NoneAudioSlides / video display

Step 2: Create the Strategy

Once your facilities manager has approved the day and space for your event, it’s time to start thinking through your promotional strategy. How does it fit in with the overall vision of Grace Church? Who are you hoping to target with this event? What’s the best way to get the word out to those people?

Need help with your strategy? Fill out a request below for a strategy session with Location Support!

Please select your preference

I'm requesting a photographer for my community eventNo photographer needed

Step 3: Work the Strategy

When you have your strategy planned out, it’s time to work it!

Review your strategy plan and progress every couple days.

If you get stuck at any point or have any questions, follow up with your support team member from the communications department as soon as possible!

Step 4: Circle Back

Once your event or program is over, take some time to reflect back on how it all went. Ask yourself:

  • What went well?
  • What did not?
  • What would you do more of next time?
  • What would you change for next time?
  • What kind of resources would you need to make that happen?
  • What would you completely scrap?