Are you living overwhelmed by your emotions?

October at Grace Church is about dealing with the things that haunt our minds.

Some of us like to be scared. We watch scary movies or do scary experiences like haunted hayrides, corn mazes, or haunted houses. But nobody likes dealing with the things that haunt our minds and our lives on a daily basis. Things like worry, anxiety, stress, the feeling of being overwhelmed or that life is out of control. And no matter what we do to turn over a new leaf, these things can haunt us and provide no escape.

What we’re gonna find in this series is that God did not intend for you to live this way and there’s a path you can take to find freedom and peace. So, no matter where you come from, who you vote for, or what’s in your past, we’re saving a seat for you and your family.

Dress comfortably and join your friends and neighbors at Grace Church this weekend.

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