Working from home with a small baby is tough! If you’re looking for ways to make it a little more manageable, here are 7 tips to help you out.

1. Wear your baby

Many babies find being in a carrier calming because they get to be close to you, plus it frees up your hands to do work. If you don’t have a standing desk to do your work at, improvise with a sturdy cardboard box placed on your table or desk, or use an ironing board.

2. Sit them on your lap

If you need a break from standing with your baby in a carrier, a lap sitter like this one from Amazon allows your baby to sit stably in your lap while freeing up your hands for work. It helps baby feel connected with you and lets your rest your feet! Plus it comes with handy tethers you can attach toys to.

3. Get down on the floor

Infants love to feel close to you. Try bringing your laptop to the floor and working next to them as they play on their play mat or in a bouncer. If you find baby getting distracted by your screen, check out Tip #4.

4. Consider getting a privacy screen for your laptop

If baby becomes too preoccupied by the lights on your screen, invest in a privacy screen. They allow the images on your screen to only be seen when viewed at a straight-on angle.

5. Have a game plan for nap time

This is one of the key times you will have for being productive. If you wait until the baby is down for a nap to figure out what to do, you will most likely find yourself aimlessly scrolling social media, or responding only to the emails that aren’t urgent or important. Keep an ongoing list of tasks and refer to it as soon as you sit down. We love using the Eisenhower Matrix to help decide which projects and tasks should be given attention, scheduled, delegated or ignored.

6. Be flexible

It’s impossible to stick to a 9-5 schedule when you watch your baby and work at the same time. Babies are unpredictable. They don’t always take their nap when you thought they would, and some days they need more attention or connection than others. Learn to look for the pockets of time throughout the day or evening when you can make up work so you can sing them their favorite song or help them learn how to roll over on their timing.

7. Be kind to yourself

What you are doing is not easy. Don’t give in to the temptation to compare your productivity to other people’s. You’re doing two jobs at once. Cut yourself some slack!