Resources For Being Biblically Centered

One of Grace Church’s 4 CORE VALUES is being Biblically Centered. We believe that the Bible is the inspired word of God and that we should adjust our lives to fit the Bible and not adjust the Bible to fit our lives.

To help you take your next step in living a biblically centered life we have gathered some resourcesfor you, so enjoy!


We recommend using THE YOUVERSION BIBLE APP to find and track your reading through the Bible. They have tons of different reading plans and a huge selection of topics. Here are a few that we think might be helpful!


  1. THE ROOT OF BITTERNESS (5 DAYS) “The Root Of Bitterness becomes a destructive force in people. It is a spiritual cancer, and left unattended will destroy a life…” Learn how to stop bitterness, uproot it and get it out of your life and stop it from poisoning your sphere of influence.
  2. DON’T LET BITTERNESS KILL YOU (5 Days) Ahithophel was a trusted counselor of King David. But because of bitterness, he betrayed him and joined hands with the conspiracy of Absalom, and finally, he ended his life tragically by committing suicide. Read in this 5 Day Devotional the causes and cure for bitterness, so that it does not kill you.
  3. OVERCOMING BITTERNESS (7 DAYS) In a world full of struggle and disappointment, each one of us will wrestle with bitterness at one time or another. But left unchecked, bitterness is a destructive poison that steals our joy and the joy of those around us. Pastor and counselor Stephen Viars shows us how to process bitterness biblically and effectively, so that we move from life’s greatest hurts to a life filled with joy.



  1. LIFE IS UNFAIR (7 DAYS) Whether it’s poor health, financial struggles or job loss, life sometimes feels like a lottery where the odds are stacked against us. The Bible has many accounts of people who were blessed by God because they trusted him during the hardest times. We can learn a great deal from them about perseverance.
  2. ATTITUDE (7 DAYS) Having the right attitude in every situation can be a real challenge. This seven-day plan will give you a biblical perspective, with a short passage to read each day. Read the passage, take time to look at yourself honestly, and allow God to speak into your situation. For more content, check out
  3. SELFLESS (6 DAYS) When you serve more, you take less. When you give more, you need less. When you thank more, you want less. When there’s more of God, you’re selfless. If you’re ready for more of God, start this new Life.Church Bible Plan to accompany Pastor Craig Groeschel’s series, Selfless.
  4. REGRET (HOW TO MOVE FORWARD) (6 DAYS) Regret is something we all face at one time or another because we all make mistakes. How do we work through that regret when the pain is deep? This plan will explore ways we can acknowledge our regrets and move on from them. We don’t have to be stuck, and if submitted to God, we can come out better on the other side of it.



  1. DECLUTTER: OVERHAUL YOUR HEART (5 DAYS) Are you feeling overwhelmed by the mess? Life can leave our hearts full of clutter. That’s why we all need to take the time to clean it out periodically. This five-day plan will help you overhaul your heart so you can continue walking out your God-given purpose. Be encouraged! God’s grace is enough, no matter how big the mess has gotten.
  2. ENEMIES OF THE HEART   (5 DAYS) Just as a physically unhealthy heart can destroy your body, an emotionally and spiritually unhealthy heart can destroy you and your relationships. For the next five days, let Andy Stanley help you look within yourself for four common enemies of the heart — guilt, anger, greed, and jealousy — and teach you how to remove them.



  1. Fighting Your Battles (5 Days) In life’s difficult moments, we find refuge when we remember that the God we serve fights our battles alongside us. In this five-day plan focusing on David’s battle with Goliath, speaker and chaplain Jonathan Evans shows how you can face every hardship with strength and hope, confident that God will always use your trials for His glory.
  2. Fight: Winning The Battles That Matter Most (11 Days) Author and pastor Craig Groeschel helps men uncover who they really are—a powerful man with a warrior heart. This 11-day plan examines the life of Samson—a strong man with glaring weaknesses. Fight to become who God made you to be. Don’t just fight like a man. Fight like a man of God.
  3. Fight To Flourish (5 Days) What if your struggles aren’t a barrier to thriving but an invitation into your most vibrant days? This 5-day reading plan, based on Jennie Lusko’s book, The Fight to Flourish, will explore how God uses both the pain and promise in life to grow you into the person He designed you to be. Discover how to live a life of joy and fullness.

Reading Plans by Topic


The Bible Project is a really fun and easy way to learn more about the Bible. They create short animiated video to help you learn more and go deeper into the Bible. Here are a few playlists to get you started!