Snow day got you scratching your head for activities you and the kids can bond over? Here are 9 activities for making sweet snow day memories!

1. No need for smoke signals.

Why not Skype with relatives near and far, catch up with the grandparents? You may not be the only ones sheltered in due to the storm.

2. Break out the movies.

No, not Netflix. Show a marathon of family events on the big screen; birthday parties, plays, music and dance recitals. Kids will enjoy seeing some of their most exciting moments. Revisit the memories the entire family enjoyed together, and don’t forget the popcorn.

3. B.I.N.G.O. Everyone wins.

Play several rounds of this family favorite. The twist is to use marshmallows to mark the winning tiles. Once you put the game away, everyone is treated to hot chocolate and marshmallows.

4. Tournament of Games.

Select a mix of family favorites. Connect Four, Uno, Checkers and Heads Up are great ones. Have simultaneous games going where winners of each game will challenge one another in a pre-selected game. You decide on prizes or privileges. For example, the winner can choose what’s for dinner or a TV program to watch.

5. Pull out those Puzzles.

Yes, the ones that have been on the shelf for a while. Challenge the family to try and complete the puzzle within a specific timeframe. Or, if you have enough of the same sized puzzles, see who can finish their puzzle first for a prize or privilege.

6. A fort fit for fables.

Have everyone gather all the blanket, sheets and pillows they can find, and be okay with moving furniture around. Work together to build a fort, then crawl inside and get comfortable with some books. Let everyone select a story and give the kids an opportunity to be the storyteller.

7. Bake something, make something.

Warm cookies are a great treat. Keep it simple. Most of us have ingredients for vanilla or butter cookies. Check out this recipe against your pantry items and get baking. Decorating is extra points!

8. A Treat for the Beaks.

Make supper for the birds. With cold weather, birds face challenges due to the elements. Use this quick recipe to ensure your feathered neighbors have a good meal.

9. Icy sun catchers will glisten to the last drop.

A great idea from Mommy Poppins. Gather leaves, pinecones and other natural materials from the area. Fill shallow vessels such as a pie tin with water half-way. Add items (and food coloring if desired). Loop a string into the vessel water and leave some hanging out. Freeze outside or in your freezer. Once frozen, hang them outdoors from branches or porch rails.