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Sierra Leone Service Trip

Grace Church will be taking a group to Moribatown, Sierra Leone to work in the orphanage and church plants in the area. Most of our time on this trip will be spent working on various projects in the orphanage, getting to know the kids, visiting neighboring villages, and helping out local church plants. We also try to customize our trips based on the various skills and gifts of those going on the trip so projects could vary.



October 11-20, 2017 (subject to change slightly)


$2,800-$3,000 – This includes airfare and all in-country expenses. Price will be finalized once tickets have been purchased.


Moribatown, Sierra Leone


Register and pay your $250 by May 8th here.


All sponsor and additional trip payments need to be made online.

Payment schedule: 

$250 deposit due May 8th.

$500 payments due May 7th, June 4th, July 2nd, August 6th and September 3rd.

Final $250 due October 8.


  1. Online registration and down payment due by May 8th.
  2. Ensure your passport expires at least 6 months after your return.
  3. Typhoid/yellow fever shot (Hep A, Hep B, Polio, and Flu shots are recommended but not required). These can be done through South Shore Hospital Travel Health Services (781-624-8580) or your local Travel Health Services.
  4. Visa. Your visa application needs to be sent in as early as possible (2 months prior to the trip is ideal). You will need the following items for your visa application:
    1. Passport
    2. Yellow card (immunization record from Travel Health Services)
    3. Color passport photo
    4. Payment
  5. Suggested items to bring:
    1. Medications/pain reliever
    2. Toiletries
    3. Towel and washcloth
    4. 1-2 pairs of comfortable shoes
    5. Small bottle of mouthwash (to clean toothbrush)
    6. Dry snacks (granola bars, nuts, etc..)
    7. Powdered drink packets
    8. Hat or bandana
    9. 1-2 rolls of ETP (emergency toilet paper)
    10. Hand sanitizer
    11. Wet naps
    12. Insect repellent
    13. Camera
    14. Sunglasses
    15. Sunblock
    16. Flexible attitude
  6. Wifi and Internet services are not guaranteed.


The first and last day(s) will be spent traveling. Once we arrive in Africa, we will be spending the night in Freetown and then driving to Moribatown the next day (6 hour drive) to visit the children’s home. The following few days will be spent visiting neighboring villages, helping out the church plants, and working on various projects in the orphanages. Please keep in mind it will be hot and humid, and there will be a lot of travel involved, but, with the potential to change your life.