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We believe God’s love has no bounds to country or region. We are passionate about sharing His love and meeting people’s needs in communities across the globe. Here are some of the international projects we are excited to take part in, as part of our Hope Project:


Guatemala – Church Plant and Feeding Center

This feeding center provides food for 140 kids a day.  For most, it is the only nutritional meal they will eat all day. They have also started Bible studies for both the kids and their moms. In addition, we are helping them start a brand new church plant in the area that will be a blessing for families all around the area.


Sierra Leone – Church, School, Orphanage

This project exists to meet the needs of orphans in this area caused by the Ebola outbreak and the AIDS crisis. It provides physical, educational and spiritual resources for many families in this area that need it most.


Ukraine – Orphanage

War has left many orphans in the Ukraine. Seventy percent of girls, who age out at 15 years old end up in some type of human trafficking. The SMILE House is an orphanage in Kiev that exists to rescue these girls from prostitution and drugs.


Korea – Church Planting, Medical Clinic

Sung Chul has been a missionary in N. Korea for the past 9 years. He legally operates two noodle factories in the country and donates all profits to the poor and uses the noodles to feed 10,000 people each week. He is focused on bringing people to faith in Jesus and has even been imprisoned for it. Undeterred by trials, he has recently returned to pick up where he left off.